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Purchase auctions

Invite your suppliers, set up the parameters and negotiate the best business terms in real time.

Do you sell? Browse purchase auctions catalogue.
Do you buy? Publish your purchase auction.

How does it work?


Describe what you want to buy, specify the buying conditions and invite suppliers.


Observe how suppliers lower their prices and chat with them during the auction time.


On the basis of the auction report easily compare the offers and choose the one that meets your expectations best.

Choose the auction type

Open – any supplier interested in your auction can join.
Closed – you decide which suppliers you want to invite. The auction will not be shown in the public catalogue.

A default auction time is 20 minutes. Any activity from the suppliers during the last 3 minutes automatically extends it by another 3 minutes.

You can run the entire procurement process with

Start with publishing a Request for proposal, then invite bidders to participate in purchase auction and negotiate the conditions.

What do you get?

  • Professional free tool for running the auction process.
  • Functional panel that allows you to adjust auction terms according to your preferences.
  • Opportunity to gain new suppliers.