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Sales auctions

Improve your sales processes by utilizing
the sales auctions tool.

Are you buying? Browse sales auctions
Are you selling? Publish a sales auction

How does it work?


Describe the product that you want to sell


Buyers will bid the price of your product


Compare to offers from the buyers and sell for the best possible price

Choose the auction type

Open – any supplier interested in your auction can join.
Closed – you decide which suppliers you want to invite. The auction will not be shown in the public catalogue.

The default sales auction time is 7 day. Any activity from the buyers within the last hour will extend it by another 60 minutes.

What you can sell by sales auction?

  • After lease vehicles
  • After lease hardware
  • Surplus stock
  • Liquidation
Set the initial price on the attractive level. As buyers will place their bids, the price will grow.

What do you get?

  • Free tool for negotiating the prices of the products you sell.
  • Increased promotion of the products you sell online.
  • Functional panelthat allows you to adjust auction terms according to your preferences.

How to start?

Sales auctions are available in PRO nad PRO+ packages only. Start selling more.

Don't wait and use 14-days PRO package for freePrice list