Supplier Financing

Would your Suppliers like receive money for the invoices faster? And you? Would you like to have additional time for payment?

Supplier Financing makes it possible! Match your deadlines to the needs of your Suppliers.

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How does Supplier Financing work?


Supplier has sold his products and issued an invoice with 60-day payment deadline.


Thanks to Supplier Financing they received money from the invoices just after it has been issued.


Additionally The Bank has extended the payment deadline for the Buyer - they can pay the invoice 30 days later.

Benefits of the Supplier Financing service

For Supplier

  • Instantly paid and received money
  • No formalities (no agreement with the bank)
  • No hidden costs
  • You receive the money, and the bank takes the risk of the repayment
  • You decide which invoices and when you would like to finance

For Buyer
  • You improve your relations with the Suppliers
  • You spend less time on managing the payments
  • You earn money on commitments
  • You can extend deadlines of payment of invoices
  • You have no costs if only the Suppliers take part in financing

No formalities, no hidden costs and visits in the bank

How to finance an invoice?

Thanks to Supplier Financing the Buyer makes certain of consistency of supplies and availability to negotiate longer payment deadlines with the Supplier as well as with the Bank.

The Buyer signs an agreement with the Bank concerning Supplier Financing and establishes relationships with Suppliers on

Supplier or Buyer enters the invoice into the Supplier Financing module

Buyer accepts the invoice for financing

The Buyer sets the invoice for financing, and Bank makes the payment even the same day.

The Buyer pays the invoice within the payment deadline or uses the extended financing period

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