Supplier Financing

For many companies, long payment deadlines represent one of the greatest hurdles in running their business. Do you order goods and services, but your suppliers refuse to extend payment dates and demand payment earlier? With the Supplier Financing Programme offered by the Aleo Platform, you can negotiate more favorable commercial conditions and your business partners will receive payment as soon as the invoice is issued. Furthermore, you may get a discount for immediate payment.

How does it work?

  • Company ABC buys equipment from its Supplier. The Supplier issues an invoice with a 30-day payment period that satisfies neither party.
  • Company ABC would prefer to pay after 90 days, while the Supplier would like to receive the payment immediately.
  • Using the Supplier Financing Programme, Company ABC extended the payment period by additional 60 days and gained an immediate-payment discount of 2% on every invoice.

Advantages of the Supplier Financing Programme

For the Supplier

  • Immediate payment
  • No formalities (no contract with the bank)
  • No hidden costs
  • You get your money and the repayment risk is taken over by the bank
  • You do everything electronically via the Aleo Platform
  • You are the one who takes the final decision about the financing (paying the invoice)

For the Buyer

  • No costs if you pay on time
  • You can make money on your obligations
  • You can negotiate longer payment periods
  • You can finance a given invoice partially or in full
  • Once you have signed the agreement, you can do everything electronically, and all accounts payable will be settled by Aleo Bank when they become due

And all this without any unnecessary formalities,
hidden costs or visits at the bank

  • The Buyer signs a Supplier Financing Agreement with the Bank
  • The Buyer invites Suppliers, Suppliers accept the invitation
  • The Bank activates Suppliers

How to finance an invoice?

The Buyer does not bear any costs associated with the service. The Supplier Financing Programme ensures the continuity of supplies and enables the Buyer to negotiate longer payment deadlines.
Once the agreement with the Bank has been signed, all transaction settlement activities can be performed electronically via the Aleo Platform.
  • The Supplier or the Buyer registers the invoice in the “Supplier Financing” module on the Aleo Platform
  • The Buyer confirms the invoice to be financed
  • The Supplier instructs ING Bank to finance the invoice
  • The Bank finances the invoice
  • The Buyer pays the invoice within payment deadline or uses extend payment dates
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