Purchase auctions

How does it work?

Describe what do you
want to buy, what are your
requirements and invite Suppliers

Observe online your Suppliers
while bidding and chat
with them

Compare offers and
choose the best one


What do you gain?

You create extra savings
in just 20 minutes

You create transparent
Buying Process

You archive negotiations

No fees for being
active on Aleo

Aleo case studies

Aleo develops dynamically and gains new Suppliers in different industries. We took advantage of this and have reached new Contractors and more savings.

The Aleo platform selling and buying solutions help us to perform. Using such features as an electronic request for proposal and purchase auctions has resulted in significant savings in a very short period of time.

Tomasz Brzeziński, Financial Director
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More Possibilities

Suppliers' Financing
to guarantee financial liquidity
and longer payment date
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