Reliability of contractors on the web

Safety of transactions on the web - the reliability of contractors on the web

In order to make your transactions safe, you are required to verify the reliability and credibility of the contractor, as well as their financial liquidity. It is also important to build the image of your company as a reliable business partner.

On ALEO you can confirm your reliability, as well as, after obtaining consent, check the rating of the current or potential contractor.


·           You increase the reliability and build a positive image of your company

·           You increase the trust of your business partners towards your company


The verification of contractors should be constantly updated, even if we are working with the same partners, since in the frequently changing business reality a contractor's financial situation may undergo rapid change. Periodic monitoring of contractors will lower the risk of loss of dues.

Aleo enables the users to verify their business partners and limit the transaction risk.

Small companies can prove their reliability in relation to clients, suppliers.

Large companies can reduce the costs of monitoring and checking the reliability of their clients and suppliers.