How to buy?

5 best purchasing practices

Plan your purchases
Evaluate purchasing requirements of your company in advance – in this way you will avoid buying at the last minute and you will have time to select a supplier in a well-thought-out and cost effective manner.
Pool demand
Aggregate and pool purchasing requirements across the company – the larger the volume, the greater the savings.
Send requests for proposal electronically
Obtain competitive bids fast and easily. Compare prices and other criteria proposed by new and existing suppliers.
Negotiate online
Negotiate prices with existing and new suppliers using a modern tool – e-purchasing auctions.
Evaluate and acquire knowledge
Evaluate suppliers’ performance on an ongoing basis, archive bids and build up a history. purchase support functionalities

Request for proposal A large number of bids from new and existing suppliers obtained quickly, easily and free of charge
Bid comparison Clearly presented comparison of prices and other criteria provided by suppliers in reply to requests for proposal
Catalogue of products and services Access to wholesale prices of products and services from various areas
Purchase auction You can benefit from even lower prices from suppliers by negotiating online - quickly and transparently
Supplier base You can establish cooperation with many suppliers from different industries and regions
Create a request for proposal
Free of charge and with no obligations

What savings have other companies made?

  • Every few weeks, a company from Białystok buys computer hardware from a local supplier, with the total purchase amount averaging PLN 25,000.
  • The company decided to make its purchasing more efficient and posted a request for proposal on the Platform for the next six months. It took them just 6 minutes to create the request for proposal.
  • In total, suppliers submitted 16 bids, 11 of which were more advantageous than those received previously. The supplier who was selected ultimately offered a price which was 14% lower.

Ask the suppliers for better offers.
Create a request for proposal. Without any obligations.

Create a request for proposal