Specification of XML file for product import

The list and description of elements (including example values) that can be used in XML documents with the list of products imported to the offer catalogue on ALEO.com. The variables for each element have been marked in orange.

Documents to download:

1. The required elements


product name
The maximum product name length is 100 characters.
<name>Product name</name>

2. The elements currently ignored during the import

The value of this field is totally ignored during the import of the XML document. It will be probably used in the future.
<category>category name</category>

the name of the producer
Optional element. The value of this field is ignored.
<producer>the name of the producer</producer>

3. Product features

Optional element. The pictures are not presented from your server. They are during the import to the server of ALEO.com. That is why the import may take even several tens of minutes. Particularly when the pictures are of high resolution.

If you wish to link multiple images under your product, their URL addresses should be placed collectively into the "gallery".
This element enables you to link up to 9 images to one product.
   <image><![CDATA[http://address.com/photo3.jpg]]></image> </gallery>

There is no limit with regards to the dimensions of the uploaded images. However, in case one image is grater than 800px, the image will be rescalled to this dimension automatically. There is a limit of 1.5 MB for an image to load.

product description
Optional element.
sufficient for a description without formatting

<description><![CDATA[Description for <b>first</b> product]]></description>
for a description with html tags

EAN number
Optional element. In the element "property", the attribute "name” with the "ean” value is required.
If there already is a product with such an EAN number in the offer catalogue, the imported product with the same EAN number will be automatically assigned to the same category.
<property name="ean">1234567890425</property>

product code
Optional element. In the element property the attribute name with the "catalog_number” value is required.
<property name="catalog_number">PROD04_2</property>

collective packaging
Specify package requirements such as: type of packaging, type of collective packaging, number of units in collective packaging and minimum/maximum order.

tabs of product characteristics
The tabs help you categorise the groups of product characteristics. The groups are common for all company's products, however the values and product characteristics may differ. Those groups are available under the product description carts.
     <name>Product traits</name>
       <value>20 g</value>
       <value>171 mm</value>
       <value>100 cm</value>

4. The product price options

The price can be defined as:
  • constant
  • unspecified (so-called "ask for price”)
  • price range
  • threshold
In the case in which a particular product has no specified elements which would define the price, the price will be assigned as "unspecified".
The price cannot be written with a comma "0,00”. The correct entry has a point separating the fraction values from the decimal "0.00”. The price can also be given without the grosz values, e.g. "10”.

constant price

unspecified price
The element with an empty value.

price range
The element consists of a tree of two elements – one defining the minimum price and one that defines the maximum price.
Example price between PLN 1.32 and PLN 5.76.

threshold price
Up to five 5 units the price is PLN 12.23, from 6 to 12 units it is PLN 12.21, over 12 units it is PLN 12.02.