Online product catalogue

Online catalogue – effective and convenient sales to regular customers


E-commerce is one of the most dynamically developing sectors. Although the share of transactions made with the use of Internet B2B platforms is relatively low in the total number of business transactions, they yield huge profits and their potential is starting to be noticed - the value of trade exchange in the B2B sector currently amounts to 120 billion PLN per year. It is 8 times bigger than the value of consumer transactions.*

*Source: Report of "Polska Internetowa” BCG 2011.


The Internet, being a convenient and safe trading channel, is used more and more often as a supplement to the traditional trading channels in medium-sized and large enterprises.

Your company can also start selling online in a quick and convenient way - all your company needs to do is to use the published offer catalogue on ALEO - the module to manage product and service offers. The ALEO platform features mechanisms that provide each seller with the ability to "treat customers individually”. Thanks to this option, individual customers will receive a personalized offer. On ALEO, you have the possibility to use the function of dedicated price lists which will make regular sales more efficient for regular clients - for each of your customers you only need to create an individual price list based on the previously established trade terms.


Do you want to increase sales and acquire new clients? - Submit publicly the most extensive information about your company's offer on ALEO – a well-prepared offer catalogue will contribute to the acquisition of new business contacts.


ALEO allows you to create a catalogue with the full assortment offer of your company. If you already have a retail e-shop, start your business sales on ALEO.



  • A quick solution for regular sales to regular clients
  • Easier access with an offer to a broad base of new clients
  • Lower operational and transaction costs
  • The ability to quickly update an offer and to extensively describe a product
  • The ability to make an offer attractive by organizing an auction