Financial data for companies

Aleo provides key financial information on your potential contractors to support your business decisions. Buy premium package and get access to financial data. Keep your transactional risks under control or use this premium feature to empower your company’s performance by sharing financial data.

Scope of financial information

  • Risk indicator - Transactional risk of potential business partner assessed against the total population of Polish companies.
  • Paydex - Bisnode (International Payment Monitor ) indicator helps to check the present payment behavior of a company and shows how punctual a company is in its payments.
  • Annual Sales – The revenue that a company derives from the sale of its products or services in a year, recorded on companies balance sheet or in tax return.
  • Net profit/loss – the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time, recorded on companies balance sheet.
  • Number of employees – data from Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS).
  • Debt Exchange - Information on debts proactively monitored on debt exchanges by Bisnode.

Outdated Financial Information?

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Companies in figures – buy financial reports from Bisnode

Should you wish to accede accurate and relevant financial data on potential business partners, buy financial reports prepared by Bisnode.

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