Comparison between the requests for proposal

The comparison between electronic and traditional requests for proposal (regular tenders vs. electronic).

A request for proposal means:

  • Financial gains
  • Time-saving
  • Improvement of the offer process
  • Avoiding corruption

The highest quality systems offer solutions that allow the adjustment of their usage to the specificity of each company. Below you will find a comparison of a traditional request for proposal (paper/e-mail) with an electronic request.


Traditional request for proposal (paper / e-mail)

Electronic request for proposal on Aleo

Advantages of an electronic enquiry

Difficult coordination of the suppliers' activities

Activity of each participant in one location

The system allows constant communication with suppliers and access to important information from one place.

Scattered base of suppliers

It takes only a few clicks to send the request to many suppliers.

A large, up-to-date base of suppliers recommended and verified by others.

Proposal of each supplier in separate documents

A report with the comparison of proposals in one location

By generating the request for proposal, the user can ask suppliers questions concerning the proposal and the replies can be found in a collective report which makes comparing proposals easier.

Traditional templates and drafts

Intuitive control

Convenient for the user and intuitive system functioning encourage the use of this system and make it easier to work on.

Long and labourious proposal collection system

Shortening the proposal process by up to 80 per cent.

The system allows the easy and quick conduct of a purchase auction, and also significantly lowers the number of telephone calls and emails with questions from suppliers.

Traditional base of a users' activity and their actions

Proposal and offer archive

In one place you can find all the previous and current requests and offers together with a rapid mechanism to browse them.

The necessity of manually creating the order after the request for proposal

Automatic redirection from the request panel to the offer panel

The system allows the automatic creation of an order based on offers received to the request.