Company network

Traditional channels for contacting contractors, such as a base of companies, web browsing or business fairs are no longer keeping up with the rapidly changing market reality. Currently, the potential lies in the supplier-customer relationship and modern applications that deal with this relationship. The Internet communities, which revolutionized the private sector, can now be successfully adapted by the business community.

The various types of already existing systems developed for large companies have the weakness that they are closed to other companies.

 Features of a modern company base:

  • A base of suppliers and customers that is constantly being developed
  • Greater access to the activity of other companies
  • The ability to check a contractor's history and reliability
  • The exchange of knowledge and experience
  • A rapid mechanism for creating purchase and sales activities
  • Access to the network from any location – only a computer and Internet access are required

A modern network is useless if the quality of the companies and the synchronization of functions leave much to be desired. Companies waste a lot of time, during an offer process, researching the market due to browsing offers that do not meet their expectations. Suppliers, on the other hand, spend time preparing offers that do not meet the needs of the client. Taking precautions against improper business relationships saves not only time but also money, and they could have an impact on the company's reputation. Therefore a perfect network should have innovative systems that precisely determine the expectations of the customers and the capacities of the suppliers.