An effective request for proposal

How to create an effective request for proposal?

An electronic request for proposal does not differ objectively from a traditional one. The difference lies in the technology and philosophy implemented in the electronic purchase proceedings. Differences that distinguish an electronic request from a regular one:

·                    Creating the request in an electronic form

·                    Sending invitations to many suppliers from the system's base

·                    Built-in mechanism for constant communication with suppliers

·                    Creating an electronic report that compares offers from many suppliers

·                    The ability to automatically switch from a request to the order process

Below, you will find a simple guide of how to create a request for proposal (RFP) on Aleo:

1.    The first step is to determine the "subject of the request”. Here you can add many items. Each item that you wish to mention should be added and correctly named/commented on. Remember that you can enclose attachments with the specifications of each of them. Remember to decide at this stage whether suppliers should give the price of a unit or of their total (volume given in the specification1). We advise you to collect prices for the sum of units, because it will help in the further comparison of savings.

2.    In the second step, you have the possibility to create a set of questions for all the bidders, which will help you to compare the most important aspects of the enquiry. At the end, you will be able to generate a table report where you will find your questions and the replies given by the suppliers. With the report you will not have to browse separate files from different suppliers and create the comparison by yourself – the system will do this for you on the basis of the suppliers' replies.

3.    The final step is the decision you make about who will be able to join to your request. You can decide whether the request will be visible only to selected companies from the platform or from outside the platform. However, in order to find the best offer, we advise the creation of public proposals allowing you to receive offers from completely new suppliers and, thus, more effectively analyse the market.

After you publish the request, you can use the mechanism to communicate with suppliers. Inform them about each change in the request panel, collect offers and compare them with each other. After completing and comparing all the offers in the report, if you wish you can decide, via an auction or conducting negotiations in order to receive even better prices. Remember that you have the ability to place an order both from the request for proposal panel and during an auction.