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The needs of a modern company

In order to compete on the modern market, companies need to dynamically adjust to the changing world and to the constantly new needs of their clients. More and more companies discover that the processes they have been undertaking in a strictly specified way for many years, can be performed in a faster, more convenient, and, above all, cheaper way. The modern world is not only speeding up, but also becoming more virtual.

Today, it is difficult to imagine the reality without the Internet. Not only in the private sector, but also in B2B, the web has become an inseparable element of everyday life. On the Internet, the difference between business and private users is becoming blurred - the actions and needs of the latter are transferred to business.

The solutions that are used in the private sector can then be successfully adapted by the B2B sector. One of those solutions, transferred from an individual to a business sphere, is building a network of contacts – a base of companies that are suppliers as well as clients of services. Such a base, in order to completely meet the modern needs, has to be constantly updated and open to new contractors. The most advanced solutions, apart from access to a broad company catalogue, also offer services of purchase and sales. By integrating several various functions, it is possible to conduct the whole purchase and sales process on one platform - from the very beginning, search for the appropriate contractors, until the completion and settlement of the transaction. Such a comprehensive system may appear to be a crucial solution for many companies, especially when it is built in an intuitive way, and in addition offered at an attractive price.

Companies can benefit from this solution by combining following elements:

  • The ability to offer one's own products and services
  • A system for creating electronic purchase processes
  • Cooperation continuation with already existing business relations
  • Relationships with companies and the exchange of information

Purchase needs:

Purchase process

Sales needs:

Sales process