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Requests for proposal


What is a request for proposal?

A request for proposal is an invitation for the suppliers to take part in the process of placing offers. It contains a detailed description of the searched product, purchase conditions and requirements which are of key importance for the buyer. In the request for proposal, apart from inquiries concerning the price, you can create your own list of questions. The more information Your request contains, the better the proposal replies will be. Aleo creator of requests for proposal is fast and easy to use. You will create the request in three steps. It will take you only 6 minutes. In one place you will specify the need and invite suppliers to place the proposals. And having received replies, you will compare the offers in a convenient and efficient way.

What should an effective request for proposal contain?

In order to make Your request for proposal attract many offers, from which you could choose, you should:

  • in the first step add all the items (products or services) which the supplier is to evaluate,
  • set an adequately long deadline for placing the proposals (at least 7 days are recommended), so that the suppliers have enough time to analyze the request and prepare proposals well,
  • in the second step create a list of questions to the suppliers and specify Your conditions of purchase. Thanks to that you will be able to compare the most important for You issues in a simple way,
  • in the last step invite suppliers You know to send the proposals. You can also send such an invitation to any email address to companies which do not have an Aleo account yet.
  • in the last step set the requests as publicly accessible. On this basis we will send an email notification to all suppliers watching the category which you have created the request for proposal in.

How to compare the proposals?

Having received at least two proposals, click the comparing proposals button. The system will transfer You to the place where you can compare all the parameters of the proposals or choose the most interesting ones for You. The result of the comparison is presented in a table which is easy to analyze. You can save it and export to .pdf files.

Do I have to choose a supplier when the request for proposal is finished?

Choosing a supplier is not obligatory on Aleo. When the request for proposal is finished, if it has not brought the expected result, the organizer may continue the negotiations by announcing Overtime or Auction (more details in the respective sections).

Finishing the request for proposal

We recommend for every request for proposal to be finished and evaluated by its organizer. To go to the rating of the transactions which have not been evaluated yet, click My office -> Transaction rating.

What are the best purchasing practices?

The best purchasing practises base on the conscious managing the volume of products, services of Your need.
These practises include:

  • Aggregating purchasing needs within the scale of Your company and entities related to it. Thanks to that you will increase the value of your purchases and enhance Your negotiating position.
  • Planning the demand. It is an analysis of previous usage on the basis of which conscious purchases for longer periods are planned taking into consideration partitive deliveries in the specified locations.
  • Controlling purchasing processes tool. Thanks to Aleo all the data on requests, offers and orders as well as all needed documents including framework agreements related to the cooperation with Your suppliers are gathered in one place.




What is overtime?

If the received proposals do not fulfill Your expectations, you can continue the negotiations through Overtime. This option allows inviting in additional suppliers. Thanks to it, you can enhance the chances of receiving additional proposals.

Where will I find overtime?

The view of lasting Request for proposal details includes the option Overtime. Having chosen it you will be requested to update the following data: time of finishing the overtime, commentary (optional) and inviting in companies.

Can I limit the number of companies in overtime (shortlisting)?

Currently, all companies which have participated in the request for proposal are invited to the overtime. It happens due to the possibility of introducing additional conditions of the request (in the commentary). The option of limiting the number of companies invited to the overtime will become available this year.


Offers and orders


How to place an offer without a request?

You can create an offer on Your profile in the section Sales -> Sent and prepared offers and then send it to a particular receiver. You can also send the product offer from Your catalogue and by creating the subject of the offer descriptively.

How to ask a supplier for special trade terms? For example when you need an evaluation of a significant volume of a product.

If you find in the offer catalogue of a particular supplier a product or service that interest You, you can ask the supplier for special trade terms for this item. Click Ask for an offer. Specify the volume, waiting time for the reply and specify any other remarks or requirements which may influence the price.


Monitoring the offer ranking


Offer ranking

This mechanism gives Bidders possibility to watch their offer position. During the RFP, Bidders are updated on their ranking which is only based on price while calculating offers positions. Partial offers are not taken into account. Monitoring the offer ranking feature is available on the RFP form under Advanced RFP options.




What is a purchase auction?

A purchase auction means online negotiations when suppliers, during an auction, lower their bids. For the auction to happen, at least two suppliers must be invited.

When to use an auction?

A purchase auction results in best effects when:

  • the value of the order is high enough, so the suppliers wish to obtain this contract;
  • a high number of suppliers takes part in the auction;
  • parameters of the item are precisely specified.

How to conduct an auction well?

For Your convenience, the system by default suggests the auction parameters, which of course you can always change. It is crucial to describe the subject of the auction in sufficient detail. If you have not precisely defined the wanted subject yet, firstly create a request for proposal, which later, having sufficient knowledge about the market, you will transform into an auction. Remember that you can always count on the support of the Aleo consultants.

Can I conduct a sales auction?

Of course, if you want to sell something, you can create your own sales auction in a way corresponding to conducting purchase auctions.

How to transform a request for proposal into a purchase auction?

When creating a purchase auction from a request for proposal, you only need to select companies which have placed offers in reply to your request – the system will automatically send them invitations to the auction. Each supplier will start bidding from their price which has been submitted as a reply to the request. Remember that the auction must refer exactly to the same product that the request for proposal concerned and that no commercial terms can be changed anymore.

How to create a purchase auction that is not related to a request for proposal?

You can create an auction which is not related to a previous request from the level of “My office” panel. Creating it you must specify precisely the subject and choose the initial price, from which the suppliers invited by You shall start bidding. If the auction (that was published in the catalogue) is joined by suppliers other than chosen by You and You want them to submit offers in the auction, You should allow them to participate in the auction details “Participants”.

What are overbids in an auction?

Creating an auction, the value of minimum and maximum of an overbid should be specified. The participants of the auction will be able to submit next offers within the specified range of the overbid. This is to prevent possible mistakes made by the bidder when changing the value. The system suggests these parameters automatically, calculating them on the basis of the initial price; they are the same for every bidder.

How does prolonging of an auction work?

In order to provide the most effective auction conduct, we have applied in our system the option of prolonging an auction. This option means that if a bidder places and offer within the last 3 minutes of the auction, the expiry time of the auction will be extended by another 3 minutes. Thanks to that, we can avoid a situation where the bidder places an offer just before the expiry of the auction, closing it at the same time. The system of prolonging will help you achieve the best price from any of the bidders, eliminating the practice of changing the offered price just before the end of the auction.

What duration for an auction should be set?

The most active time, during every auction, is the moment when the prolongations are triggered. We suggest that the organizer of the auction should set the basic duration time for an auction no longer than 20 minutes – auctions lasting too long may bore the bidders and make them leave it or missing the actual bidding. In fact, due to the system of prolonging, the bidding will last longer that 20 minutes and therefore, will be more effective.

What is auction visibility?

On a standard basis, in every auction, bidders see the currently highest bid and their ranking. Additionally, in cases when there are many bidders, you can offer them the possibility of seeing the price of the bidder before them. The bidders cannot see the number of bidders, nor can they see who is participating in the auction and cannot communicate between each other during the auction - this is to increase the competitiveness and obtain the best price for you.

What does initial price mean?

In an auction that does not have a request for proposal, you are required to set the initial price. This is the price of the wanted subject of the auction from which the invited suppliers shall start bidding. Joining the auction by a bidder equals accepting the initial price. It is essential that the price is not too low since probably very few suppliers will accept it from the beginning and join the auction. A balanced initial price will increase competitiveness during the auction and will allow for fetching a better final price.

How to conduct bidding?

During an auction, the organizer can watch the offer being given in real-time. You can communicate with the bidders via chat. If you have any technical problems or doubts, you can always use the "Pause” button which will temporarily prevent bidding, and resume the auction later.

Is the outcome of bidding binding?

The outcome of bidding is not binding for its organizer. In accordance to the Aleo terms of use “Once the bidding is finished, the auction organiser assesses the offers that have been submitted. The auction organiser may choose the offer that is most favourable and execute a Transaction with the User who has submitted it, but is not obliged to do so. The auction organiser may choose any offer that has been submitted, at its own discretion."


Suppliers list


How to find new suppliers?

Aleo search engine contains a separate category Suppliers list. Thanks to it you can find information on companies on the basis of data drawn from Companies House Register (KRS).

How to strike new business relations?

With Aleo Suppliers list you gain the access to over 40 thousand active suppliers from numerous branches. Find a supplier in the search engine. Through its public profile you can create request for proposal, submit references or invite to Your contacts.

Where do current company data visible on Aleo come from?

Data of companies registered in Companies House (KRS) is automatically updated on Aleo on the basis of any changes made in the register.





Public tenders


What are public tenders?

Public tenders are primarily published in the outside sources of public tenders. In Aleo they are sorted according to the category tree (branches) and made accessible. If a user is observing a particular category, thanks to it may receive notifications on the newest public tenders within this category.

Where to find public tenders?

Aleo search engine contains a separate category Public tenders. Just choose it and confirm by clicking on the loupe icon. The system will direct you to the list which every day is fed with new tenders.

Public databases - sources of public tenders

Public tenders accessible on Aleo are drawn from the following sources: Public Tender Office (Urząd Zamówień Publicznych), Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU (TED), Monitor Urzędowy and Military Property Agency

Can the units of territorial governments publish requests for proposal on Aleo?

Yes, units of the public finances sector can prepare requests via electronic commercial platforms, on condition that their value does not exceed the equivalent in Polish zloty of 30 000 euro (in accordance to the Act from 29 January 2004 – Public Tender Law (Dz.U. 2004 nr 19 art. 177.)

I want to receive notifications on public tenders within the watched categories

To receive current notifications on public tenders within the chosen to watch categories, click in the right top corner the Cogwheel icon and then choose Settings ->Notifications settings. Here choose the watched categories. You can narrow down the search results by adding keywords within each of the chosen categories.

Where to find notifications on public tenders within the watched categories?

Notifications on public tenders within the watched categories are accessible on My office panel in New public tenders within the watched categories section. If you want to receive also email notifications on new public tenders, click in the right top corner the Cogwheel icon and then choose Settings > Notifications settings. In the section Notifications > New public tenders you will be able to specify the frequency of receiving the notifications on public tenders within the watched categories.


Sales auctions


What are sales auctions?

Through the sales auction feature you can efficiently manage your inventory by selling out your surplus inventory, leased cars, vehicles or equipment or liquidation.

Main assumptions of sales auctions


  • maximum duration – 14 days,
  • interested in purchase can join the auctions every time during the auction,
  • overtime extends sales auction by one hour.


Succesful sales auction


  • match selling products to proper category,
  • add pictures. Well-described products are easier to sell,
  • maximum auction duration is 14 days. Give buyers enough time to place their bids,
  • invite only buyers that can be interested in your product.


Premium Packages  



Premium features and options


Will I have to pay for my registration on Aleo?

Registration on Aleo is free. Once you create your company account on Aleo, you get free Start package. With Start package you can manage your basic purchasing and sales processes. Click this link to see details and premium packages comparison.

Do I have to pay for notifications about new public tenders?

Monitoring of new public tenders is one of the paid premium features. With this function you can be notified about new public tenders selected on the basis of your observed categories, keywords and area. New public tenders notifications are available on My office section and in the email notifications. To configure notifications, click in the right top corner the Cogwheel icon and then choose Settings ->Notifications settings.

Do I have to pay for notifications about new auctions and RFPs?

No. Those notifications are free. With this function you can be notified about new auctions and new RFPs, selected on the basis of your observed categories and keywords. To set up notifications, click in the right top corner the Cogwheel icon and then choose Settings -> Notifications settings.

Is the number of RFPs limited?

No. It is unlimited and this feature is free.

Will I have to pay to placeoffers?

The feature that allows you preparing offers is unlimited and totally free.

Is the number of auction limited?

Start package allows only 1 purchase auction per month. Limits are increased in premium packages. Click this link to see details and premium packages comparison.

How can I configure advanced user permissions?

Only company account administrator is allowed to manage other users’ accesses. This is an advanced option available in Pro and higher packages. Setting user permissions feature is accessible in Company -> Employees tab.

Is the number of user accounts limited?

The number of users entitled to manage your company account on Aleo depends on your active package. In Start package there are 2 available accounts with administrator roles. Click this link to see details and premium packages comparison.

How to improve my business positioning in search results?

With Pro and higher packages you gain a Supplier Premium badge. With this your company will be more visible and others will easily find you in Aleo search results.

Will the offers of sellers having paid package be ranked higher?

No. The monitoring of the offer ranking only takes into account prices of offers and use them to calculate their positions.

Do sellers have to pays any commissions?

Aleo does not charge any commissions on user transactions. Premium packages are not mandatory, and Start package is free.

Do I have to pay for notifications about new public tenders within my observed area?

Yes. Monitoring new public tenders is one of the paid premium features. With this function you get notifications about new public tenders selected on the basis of your watched categories, keywords and areas. New public tenders notifications are available on My office section and in the email notifications. To set up notifications, click in the right top corner the Cogwheel icon and then choose Settings ->Notifications settings.

Will I get better prices from suppliers if I have a paid premium package?

Paid premium packages give you access to advanced tools to support sales and purchasing processes. Premium packages have no impact on the suppliers prices.


Buying, changing and cancelling your premium package


I did not purchase any paid package but I want to use Aleo features. What should I do?

Once you create your company account on Aleo you get free Start package. With Start package you can manage the basic purchasing and sales processes. It covers unlimited access to RFPs and placing offers features, 2 user accounts with the administrator rights, to manage your company on Aleo and 100 items in the products & services catalogue, to promote products of your company.

How to pay for the Aleo premium packages?

Aleo offers two payment methods: a wire transfer or online payment to purchase the Aleo premium package and are both available while processing the order.

How to renew my premium package for next month?

If you subscribe on a monthly basis, you get pro forma invoice 7 days before next billing cycle. Pro forma invoice is available in Manage packages > Payment history. You will get pro forma invoice 30 days before next billing cycle. Pro forma invoice is available in Manage packages > Payment history.

Can I change my payment method?

To manage payment methods as well as subscription type, click Manage packages section. You may select a preferred payment method or subscription each time you make a payment.

What I gain with free trial 30 days Pro package?

You can activate and try advanced Pro package free for 30 days and get access to all Pro features. For example you can experience monitoring of the offer ranking and check position of your offer against other Suppliers’ offers. You gain 5 sales auctions & 5 purchase auctions each month. You can benefit from daily notifications about new public tenders. To see more details and premium packages comparison, click this link.

Can I buy Pro package during trial period?

Yes. To purchase your PRO package, click Manage packages section and order the package. If you buy Pro package during your free trial the remaining days are guaranteed.

Can I upgrade to another package at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade to another package at any time. It will be activated after receiving your payment with the next billing cycle. If you need immediate assistance, contact us. Check out our contact details here.

Will unused limits roll over to the next subscription period?

No. Unused limits do not roll over to subsequent subscription period.

Will I receive VAT invoice once I purchase premium package?

Yes. Aleo issues VAT invoices for its services and they are available in Manage packages > Payment history.

Where I can find my premium payment history?

Your premium payment history is available in Mange packages section.

Will I have to pay for Pro package after the trial period?

No. Premium packages are not mandatory. After the trial period, you decide whether you want to purchase a premium package or the Start package features are enough.

Can I purchase the premium package if my free trial is over?

You can upgrade to paid premium package at any time. It will be activated after receiving your payment with the next billing cycle. If you need immediate assistance, contact us. Check out our contact details here.

How can I disable or enable the auto-renewal of my premium package?

To ensure your premium features always remain active we offer the auto-renewal option. You can disable your auto-renewal subscription at any time and downgrade to free Start package.

What happens with premium features if I did not pay on time?

If we do not receive your payment at the end of your current billing cycle, we downgrade your account to free Start package.

How can I cancel my premium package subscription?

Cancellation option is available in Manage package section. Changes will be effective on the billing expiration date of your current subscription. If you need immediate assistance to cancel your subscription, contact us. Check out our contact details here.

What happens with my products and services if downgrade to a lower package?

If you switch to a lower package, available limits for products and services decrease. If the number of your products exceeds limits, then the oldest products will be moved to products draft list.

What happens with my users, if I downgrade to a lower package?

If you switch to a lower package, available limits for your account users decrease. When the number of users exceeds limits then the oldest accounts will be suspended.

What happens with the advanced roles and permissions if I switch to a lower package?

If you switch to the Start package, 2 available user accounts get administror roles and further roles configuration is not possible.


Limits on premium packages


What happens with the user accounts after the introduction of the premium packages?

With introduction of new premium packages we do not delete any users from your company profile even if the number of user accounts exceeds limits. If you wish to increase the number of users above the limits, we encourage you to switch to one of the paid premium packages.

What happens with my products in catalogue of products after the introduction of the premium packages?

With introduction of new premium packages we do not delete any products from your catalogue of products & services. If you wish to increase the number of your published products, we encourage you to switch to one of our premium packages.

What happens with my user roles and permissions after the introduction of the premium packages?

Roles and permissions are one of the paid premium features. With introduction of new premium packages all user accounts get role of administrator. If you wish to use advanced roles and permissions feature, we encourage you to switch to one of our premium package.

35. Will I receive notifications about public tenders after the introduction of the premium packages?

Notifications about new public tenders one of the paid premium feautres. If you wish to receive notification about new business possibilities, we encourage you to switch to one of our premium package.


Special promotion for ING Bank Clients


Are there any special promotion for ING Bank Clients?

ING Bank Clients get a special promotion:
Free Pro package or 50% off for Pro Plus package.

I get the free Pro package for ING Bank Clients. How long it will be active?

Promotional free Pro package for ING Bank Clients will be active whole the year. To see more details and premium packages comparison click this link: Premium Features.

Are there any special promotion for ING Bank Clients for PRO PLUS package?

ING Bank Clients get a special promotion - 50% off for Pro Plus package. To see more details and premium packages comparison click this link: Premium Features.

I am ING Bank Client but did not get free Pro package?

If your free Pro package is still not active on your Aleo account, then log in via ING BankOnLine or ING BusinessOnLine to Aleo. System will ask for your consent to transfer data from ING Bank to Aleo platform. This consent is the written agreement ro receive promotional free Pro package.



Roles and permissions



Administrator - Can manage its company account on Aleo and is granted full access to all objects, like for example: RFPs, or auctions, released by other employees. The user with administrator rights and permissions is the only authorized person to manage the employees accesses. There are 7 dedicated roles that cover the scope of all buyers and sellers activities. One user can have multiple roles. One role can be assigned to multiple employees.


Roles assigned to Buyers


For procurement staff there are all necessary roles that give possibility to implement purchasing strategies: from creating supplier relations to cost optimization. There are three account access levels that guarantee transparency of procurement processes.


Role of the Buyer gives full access to purchasing features. Buyers are allowed to edit and change only their own purchase objects like RFPs or purchase auctions.

Procurement manager

This role allows users to perform all purchasing activities. This role gives also editing permissions to RFPs, auctions and orders created or published by other employees within the company.

Watcher of procurement processes

This role gives read-only access to all purchase objects like RFPs, auctions or orders created by other employees within the company.


Roles assigned to Sellers


Selling roles granted to users give them opportunity to process, control or observe key selling features like auctions, received requests or orders.


Sellers can create and place offers to all RFPs or auctions. They can edit their own offers and orders as well as received offers related to their own RFPs.

Sales manager

Users with this role are allowed to create offers without any restrictions. This role allows access to all received orders and process them.

Watcher of sale processes

This role gives read-only access to all offers and orders within the company, without editing rights.


Company profile



Company account


How to fully fill in your company profile?

  • Phone number - enter the number, which will be used by the appropriate person from your company responsible for contacts with the customers.
  • E-mail address - enter the address regularly used by a contact person from your company so that the customer waits as short as possible for the response.
  • Logo - add a logo of your company (max. size: 5MB, format: JPG, PBG, JPEG or GIF). A logo with transparent background will be more usable on Aleo.
  • About us - describe your company activity, its advantages, its history.
  • Offer - describe products and services offered by your company, its features and why your customers choose exactly your products and services. Add products to catalogue.
  • Address - enter address, and customers will be able to localize you on Google map available on your profile.

Profile edition is available after clicking your company name on My office page.

What are the advantages of filling in data about my company?

Completed profiles are more attractive to potential customers. Be careful while choosing your company trade category. Thanks to that you will be receiving invitations to RFPs, purchase auctions and offer inquiries.

Do I have to fill all the company data?

Filling in the company data is not required, but a complete profile means more contacts from potential customers.

How can I find public profile of my company?

To see public profile of your company, click My office » Company » Company profile » See

Where does the data come from?

We download data from public and official KRS and CEIDG registers:
- CEIDG: according to act of law from 2nd July of 2004, and more from point 39b the law of personal data protection is not applied to public data published from CEIDG, even if the entrepreneur includes company data within the scope of individual data. Therefore, there is no need to have any specifi legal basis (particularly acceptance of entrepreneur) to process that data, or the obligation to inform people, whose data concern the fact of its aquisition.
- KRS: according to regulations of act from 20th August 1997 about KRS (Dz. U. from 2013 Nr. 1203), publishing information including register data of entreprenurs, among others limited partnerships, does not require entities, whose data concern.

Where does the data about company payment credibility on Aleo come from?

Company payment credibility data come from Bisnode Polska sp. z o.o. (e-mail address: custcare@bisnode.com) - entity, which is responsible for content of this data, as well as its gathering and presentation on Aleo. The company makes download of this data available only for Aleo platform users. Special tool is used, whereas the company does not decide about the way and target of processing of this data by specified users of Aleo platform or Bisnode Polska Sp. z o. o.

Can I delete the company profile on Aleo from SERPs?

If you would like your profile not appearing in Google, you have to make an application, using form on Google Search Console page.

What happens to the company profile, when its suspended?

Data on Aleo complies with information available in official CEIDG / KRS registers. Due to temporary company status, until its closure, its data will be published with "company suspended" badge, wich complies with its actual status.

What are notifications on Aleo?

Notifications, in other words information about current inquiries, tenders or auctions, are sent to Aleo users within observed categories and keywords specified by the user. These are also notifications about received offer, invitation to RFP or auction.

Notifications settings

Notifications available on My office page are classified in four groups:

  • Messages (from the platform admin);
  • Your business on Aleo (includes information about all crucial events on Aleo);
  • New RFPs and auctions within observed categories;
  • New public tenders within the observed categirues and specified keywords.


Users management


How to manage permissions of Your company employees?

Editing the employee’s profile is accessible in Company -> Employees tab. You will find here the information on people who have the access to the company’s profile. Employees with the administrator permissions can manage the permissions of the other users.

What do requests of joining the company mean?

Requests of joining mean that an unlogged user claims to be your company’s employee and wants to use Aleo. Check if it is true and set what competences this person should have. As the administrator you have the right to accept or reject such a request.

What do the Not confirmed / Confirmed / Blocked terms mean?

These terms describe the statuses of the company’s employees:

  • Not confirmed - an employee that has not accepted the invitation yet,
  • Confirmed - the employee’s account is active,
  • Blocked - an employee is blocked and has no possibility to log in.

What e-mail address should be entered?

Aleo does not introduce any restrictions concerning e-mail addresses. On this website you may use the company’s and your private e-mail address. It is important to submit the address correctly and to have the access to your inbox. Remember that the address represents your company, therefore providing your private e-mail may lower its credibility when assessed by other users.

Where will I find data on my company’s employees’ activity on Aleo?

On My office > Company > Activity Monitoring you will find all the data concerning the activity of Your company’s users on Aleo for the last two months.


Confirmation of profile


Why is it worthwhile to confirm the profile of your company?

This way you confirm Your company’s data. Thanks to that you enhance its credibility for the potential contractors on Aleo.

How to make the profile confirmation?

The most convenient method to make the confirmation is to transfer the amount of PLN 1.00 from Your company’s account to the individual account number visible on My office panel. After confirmation we will pay this back on Your account. The condition of the correct confirmation is entering in the field Sender the name of the company being confirmed After the confirmation of the correctness of all data, the status of Your company will be changed into Profile confirmed.


Relations between companies


How to invite your commercial partners to auctions and requests for proposal?

Creating a request for proposal or an auction you can always invite a company from outside the Aleo platform entering their email addresses in the field of the invited companies. Remember that inviting to Aleo companies that are not on Aleo yet enhances your activity points.

What are the benefits of inviting another company to contact?

Thanks to adding another company to the list of your contractors, you can receive the information about its activity, e.g. about the conducted purchasing or selling activities.

What is the difference between references and transaction ratings?

References concern the general cooperation with the supplier and can be issued to a particular company by any of the contractors. Transaction ratings, however, are issued after conducting a transaction (request, auction, order) by the parties taking part in it. Additional information on evaluation you will find in the section Ratings.

How can I expand my list of contractors?

In Aleo search engine there is a separate category Suppliers list. Thanks to this you will search the companies in the categories that interest You and strike business relations by sending a message to them or inviting them to contact.


Opinions received and issued


Who issues ratings on Aleo?

Opinions are issued by contractors to each other. Opinions are visible on public profiles. You can issue ony one opinion about specified company oraz transaction realized on Aleo.

How can I issue an opinion?

Visit the profile of company, which you want to rate. Check specified number of stars and and enter opinion about company. You have to log in to publish it.

Rating scale

Rate the company in the scale of 1 to 5. 1 means the weakest, whereas 5 - the best opinion.

Who's responsible for the opinion content

The person opinionating is responsible for the opinion content.

Can I delete opinions about my company

Opinions can be deleted only in case of violation of the Terms of Use or applicable law.

Where can I find the references about my company?

If you have already received references on Aleo, they are published on your profile as an opinion about your company.


Company activity rating


What are the activity points?

Activity points are given to the Aleo users for all the activities conducted on the platform. You will receive points for e.g. creating a request for proposal, an auction, making an offer or invitation to the platform. Points are also given for the quality of the actions on the platform, such as e.g. for creating a full product catalogue, correct order processing or striking business relations with companies that have good ratings.

What are the benefits of high activity on Aleo?

For every activity on Aleo you gain activity points and the more points you gain, the higher credibility of Your company is. The high number of points is a sign that Your company is worth being taken into purchasing considerations.

Why some of the points I received earlier have disappeared?

Activity points awarded to the Aleo users depend on the type of the performed action. We distinguish the ones that expire and the others that do not. Points which never expire are awarded for: profile confirmation, full completion of the company’s profile and received recommendations from other customers. Other points expire after 30, 60 or 90 days. The expiry date of points was set in order to award active Aleo users. The system of awarding high activity is to motivate to effective use of the platform and enhance the credibility of companies.




What are the notifications visible in My office panel?

This is the information on the latest Aleo events.

Notification sections
Notifications are available in My office panel and are sorted in four groups:

  • Messages (from the administrator of the platform),
  • Your business on Aleo (contains information on all essential events on Aleo),
  • New requests for proposal and auctions within the observed categories,
  • New public bids within the watched categories and specified keywords.

How to manage notifications?

To add or delete the watched categories and keywords within which the system will inform You on business bargains on Aleo, click in the right top corner on Settings > Notifications settings. Then add a category to the watched ones and specify keywords. This way you manage business bargains and follow currently published requests for proposal and auctions on Aleo.

How to manage keywords in public tender notifications?

Key words can fulfill two functions:

  • limit the number of public tender notifications to the ones including the keyword within the followed categories. To switch this option on you should check the checkbox “Limit search results to keywords” in the notifications settings,
  • expand the number of public tender notifications including the keyword, independently of the watched categories. To switch this option on you should uncheck the checkbox “Limit search results to keywords” in the notifications settings.


Watched categories


What are Aleo categories?

Categories constitute a map of businesses. It was created to simplify finding or categorizing companies, their products according to their activity fields. Aleo uses a three-level category tree which divides businesses into the main Categories and assigns them subcategories.

My categories - how to add them?

During the registration the system will require choosing the business activity field of Your company. At all times new fields can be added. To do that, click the right top corner icon Settings > Notifications settings > Add category to follow.

What is the purpose of adding categories to watch?

Due to specifying categories which interest You, you will receive notifications on Aleo events related to the businesses that interest You the most. Information on new requests for proposal or auctions is visible directly on My office panel. Thanks to this function you save time because you react faster and more effectively to the newest business bargains on Aleo.


Catalog of products and services


What is the product catalog?

You can promote your offer by creating a product and services catalog. It will be visible in the Aleo search engine and on the profile of Your company. Your own product catalog will help You increase sales and acquire new customers.

How to import many items simultaneously into the catalog?

If you have the product catalog in XML format, you can easily import it into the website. To do that click My office > Sales > Product catalog > Import products. You can also add, delete and edit single items manually.

How do you create a catalog for a service company?

If you provide services whose prices are not easy to specify clearly, you can create such an item in your catalog. You should then describe the service adequately without giving its fixed price so that potential contractors can send individual requests for evaluation.

How do item prices work in the catalog?

We offer several price formats in Your catalog, thanks to which you can choose the most appropriate price for a particular product. Sample price options; applying a price range, showing or hiding the price. These elements are aimed at making Your offer flexible. And companies interested in Your products will send request for individual evaluation themselves.

How to manage the catalog?

In the catalog, you have many options for managing products. You can, for example, set the availability status of a certain product or making the price more flexible by applying a price range. It is important to select the category that suits every item the most, so that potential customers will find a product meeting their needs faster.

How to manage price lists?

You can manage price lists of Your products freely. You can, for example, set an individual price lists designed only for the chosen companies or for regular customers. They will not be visible for other companies. It is an example of a perfect solution for long-term agreements with customers.







What is Chat?

It is a tool additionally supporting the communication in real-time between the User and the Aleo Customer Service Team. We have introduced the chat to enhance the quality of the service we provide to our Customers. This way we want to serve help to our users on their demand at any time.

Customer Service Team

Aleo Consultants are the specialists of purchase processes support. At any time they will reply to technical inquiries concerning e.g. creating request for proposal, auctions or offering. Additionally, we can be helpful in cases of questions connected to purchasing policy, negotiation strategy or counseling on the optimization of costs and processes.

Working hours of Aleo Consultants

Aleo Consultants are available for You Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Beyond these times the consultants reply to any questions via email.


Purchase counseling


How does Purchase Counseling work?

Aleo employs purchasing experts who will help you reorganizing purchasing processes in Your company. To receive detailed information, contact Aleo consultants via chat or email support@aleo.com.

What can Aleo purchasing consultants help me with?

Our experts have extensive knowledge in the field and are willing to help specifying the purchasing policy, negotiation strategy or counseling on the optimization of costs and processes of Your company.

Will Aleo consultants help me find new Suppliers?

On Aleo there are over 40.000 companies registered. The Customer Service Team and the Counseling And Business Development Team work all the time on increasing the number of suppliers. Additionally, the Consultants invite suppliers from Aleo and beyond it to publish requests for proposal and auctions.





Data privacy


Do other bidders see my offers placed as replies to a request or an auction?

Your offers are visible only for the organizer of the particular request or auction. Like other bidders, you do not have the view of the competitors' offers, which means that you cannot browse the details of their offers and the enclosed attachments. In a request for proposal you are able to see only your offer, whereas in the case of a purchase auction, apart from viewing your offer you can also check your ranking, see the highest price in the auction and, if the organizer has allowed it, the price offer which is just before you in the ranking.

Are bidders able to communicate with each other?

During a request or an auction, bidders are not able to contact other participants - they do not even have information about who is participating in the proceedings. Such an approach makes price-fixing more difficult, so that the organizer of the request or the auction can collect the best possible offers on the market.

How do you protect the data you provide during the creation of a request, an auction, or an offer?

You alone decide on who will have access to the request and auction you create. You can do this by selecting whether the auction/request has a public or closed character, in which you individually pick the companies that will gain access to the details.

The whole communication between you and our servers takes place in a safe and encrypted way. We use 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Additionally, for safety reasons, we use the SSL certificate of EV (extended validation) type, so that you can always be sure who the owner of the website is. On the bar of your browser, next to the green padlock, you will see the name of the owner of the website, that is ING Usługi dla Biznesu S.A. With this information, you know that no other site is impersonating us (phishing).

What can others view about me?

The information you give on your profile are visible to other users of our website. Your offers in the catalog, public auctions, requests, as well as the company's business card can be viewed by everyone who visits the website. But remember that you can hide a lot of information, publish closed events, which will only be visible for those users which you invite. Additionally, both received and sent orders are only for You and Your contractor's view.