New features, 21st November 2016

RFP assistant

This feature helps the RFP owner create request for proposal, shows next steps of the purchasing process.


  • Gives information for effective ways to compare received offers.
  • Provides suggestions for further negotiations: RFP-extra time or auctions.
  • Advises on how to build strong business relationships.



New feature that suggests specification and suppliers, based on given keywords

1. Enter the name of product or service you want to buy.
2. System automatically suggests appropriate SPECIFICATION and recommends categories which you can modify.
3. Additionally we suggest suppliers matching with your demand. Each of them will receive individual invitations to your RFP.


Better search results of the specific suppliers based on city

To find new suppliers, you can narrow your search by related categories, voivodships and up from now also by city.


Aleo available on mobile devices – we go further!

Aleo suppliers base, catalogues of products and services from now are also available on mobile screens.