ul. Samuela Bogumiła Lindego 1/7, 59-220 Legnica
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ul. Samuela Bogumiła Lindego 1/7, 59-220 Legnica

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I am a lawyer, legal advisor, mediator. In the years 2000 - 2015, I worked as a Social Security Inspector in the Branch of the Social Insurance Institution in Legnica. I carried out the most complicated checks. In 2012-2015 I was the deputy head of the Controlling Section of Premium Payers. I acted as a representative of the Social Insurance Institution in the District Court in Legnica, and also before the Appellate Court in Wrocław (with successes). While working in the Control Department, I conducted internal trainings for ZUS employees as well as for contribution payers. Experience gained during 15 years of work, as well as the need for specialist knowledge in the field of social insurance and support for entrepreneurs during inspections carried out by ZUS, prompted me to undertake activities (in the form of a contract of employment, contract of mandate or contract for a work) including in terms of taking up a job as a legal adviser for ZUS.

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Szczecin. I have completed postgraduate managerial studies and studies in the field of mediation in business at the School of Banking in Wroclaw. I am also a graduate of the Business Trainers Academy in Katowice.

Since 2006, I have been a permanent mediator at the Regional Court in Legnica. I am a member of the Lower Silesian Mediation Center in Wrocław and the Association of Economic Mediators in Krakow. Since 2014, I am a member of the Association of Legal Advisors in Warsaw.

As a lawyer and a long-term ZUS inspector - deputy head of the department, I am aware that matters related to the application of law, relations with contractors, employees or ZUSowskie cases - especially checks - or court proceedings cause many difficulties and significantly disrupt the entrepreneur's functioning. I know how important it is to keep records properly, to properly formulate commercial or civil law agreements, in order to avoid the undesirable consequences that may result from mistakes made in them.

It is necessary to have extensive knowledge, experience and the ability to anticipate consequences in order to eliminate or limit the negative effects of possible shortcomings. Particularly noticeable this may be in the relations with the so-called clerical administration. If the controlled entrepreneur does not take appropriate action in a timely manner, often the costs of control may cause financial liquidity or even liquidate the company.

The experience and knowledge that I have, will help the entrepreneur avoid many mistakes, stressful situations or go through control as quickly and successfully as possible, without incurring avoidable costs.

I express my hope that the offer of legal services and substantive support in the field of social insurance presented is in line with your expectations and expectations regarding cooperation in this area. I am convinced that the help I offer will allow you to focus your attention and activity on activities related to your business, without having to deal with confusing laws and official bureaucracy, which I will take care of personally if you decide to use my services.

I am open to modifying this offer and if, after analyzing it, you would suggest suggestions for the form of cooperation, I will be happy to hear them and personally answer all doubts and questions. I remain at your disposal.

Mariusz Sowiński
Legal adviser


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Based on my knowledge and experience resulting from my previous professional activity undertaken within the framework of employment in 2000-2015 at the Controlling Department of Social Insurance Institution Controllers in Legnica, where for the last 4 years I have been the deputy head of the department and within the framework of In 2013, legal services for companies and as a permanent mediator at the District Court in Legnica (since 2006), I present you with an offer of legal support including:

- providing comprehensive substantive support to the Principal in connection with explanatory proceedings and inspections carried out by the Social Insurance Institution;

- representation of the Principal during explanatory proceedings and inspections carried out by ZUS and before common courts;

- making objections to the inspection reports and appeals against the ZUS decision; preparation of letters requiring legal argumentation;

- ongoing legal advice and counseling in the field of social security;

- consulting the prepared documentation of the Employer regarding cases conducted by ZUS;

- preparation or consultation of the Client's prepared position regarding cases conducted by ZUS;

- advice on the conclusion of contracts of mandates and contracts for specific tasks in the context of social insurance;

- consultancy in the field of optimization solutions for entrepreneurs (optimization of costs related to social security);

- audit of company documentation regarding issues affecting social insurance; refusal to pay sickness or maternity benefits (eg due to short period of employment, change of working time, etc.);

- refusal of the right to a retirement or disability pension

and handling other issues and matters in the field of civil law, business and commercial law, labor and social security law, and personnel matters.

The audit of performing tasks and duties in the field of social insurance by contribution payers, in principle includes:

  • reporting to social security;

  • correctness and reliability of calculating, deducting and paying premiums and other contributions and payments that ZUS is obliged to collect;

  • determination of entitlements to social security benefits and payment of these benefits and making settlements in this respect;

  • correctness and timeliness of preparing applications for retirement and pension benefits;

  • issuing certificates or reporting data for social security purposes.

The audit may include the range you indicate, or it may apply to the selected period.

If you express such a wish, it is possible to prepare a legal opinion in relation to particular issues.

Benefits that an entrepreneur provides for the legal service of the company:

  • respect of officials - according to the Principals' relationship, the official changes his attitude to the entrepreneur when he sees that he is represented by a lawyer, and in relation to the Social Insurance Institution - a former inspector of inspections and the head of the department;
  • avoiding mistakes - legal service for the entrepreneur and his representation - especially during the inspection - allows to avoid frequent mistakes at the initial stage of control and when submitting first explanations;
  • less stress - knowing that we have a "lawyer" on our side - a former inspector of inspections and deputy head of the control department - allows the entrepreneur not to become emotionally involved in the conducted cases;
  • focus on business - during the inspection, an entrepreneur may forget about it and focus on running a business, and a lawyer will deal with the inspector;
  • catching formal errors - if the controller makes a formal error, it will be immediately caught and used in favor of the payer.

For the services provided under the contract, I propose two systems of remuneration:

Flat-rate system:

  • under this system, the remuneration is set depending on the average monthly need for legal services.

Task system:

  • the remuneration is determined each time, depending on the complexity of the case, the consultant's required involvement, and the estimated time needed to complete the task.

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Barbara Wołowicz 2021-02-12 13:52:44
Mr. Mariusz Sowiński is a thorough, conscientious and concrete advisor. A specialist worth recommending. His commitment, experience and empathy helped me to successfully go through a very stressful time for me. I sincerely recommend Mr. Mariusz

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