Ekologiczna 29, 72-006 Mierzyn
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TAX ID5971668370
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Ekologiczna 29, 72-006 Mierzyn

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+48 697 111 514

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The GEO-BUD Mazur Krzysztof company was registered in June 2010. and with each passing year it is growing more and more rapidly, gaining a large group of recipients. Throughout the company's activity, we acquire experience in the field of geological surveys to provide the highest quality services for the construction sector throughout Poland.

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with services rendered at the highest possible quality level. The priority is the satisfaction of my clients. I try to create an atmosphere of cooperation in solving the client's needs, which is why I carry out the majority of research on the site of the given investment.

With regard to my company's services related to determining the suitability of land for the needs of construction, I do:

  • Study of soil compaction index

Proctor's apparatus is used to determine the moisture content of the optimal and maximum volumetric weight of the ground skeleton by

PN-88 / B-04481

  • Soil compacting with a dynamic light probe (up to 10m)

The dynamic sounding technology consists in hammering the probe along with the poles ending with a conical tip into the ground from the surface. Hammering is done manually and consists in raising the ram to a constant height and lowering it to the picker. The probe complies with the following standard PN-B-04452 May 2002

  • Testing with VSS

The VSS device is designed for testing the load-bearing capacity and compaction of compliant surfaces and road surfaces. The deformation test of individual flexible pavement layers and road surface in the required load range is performed as described in BN-64 / 8931-02

  • Testing with a light dynamic plate

The plate is designed to perform the test of acceptable plate pressure, to determine the dynamic modulus of deformation of soil and rock substratum in road construction as well as to measure the index as well as the degree of soil compaction. This modern meter has equipment that guarantees quick, convenient and precise determination of measurement data in the construction of routes and communication lines. The tests are performed on the basis of TP BF-StB part B 8.3 for soil and rocks in road construction.

  • Preparation of geological engineering documentation

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ul. Ekologiczna 29, 72-006 Mierzyn





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ul. Ekologiczna 29, 72-006 Mierzyn



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Pkd codes

43.13.Z - Test drilling and boring

41.10.Z - Realization of building projects related to erection of buildings

41.20.Z - Building works related to erection of residential and non-residential buildings

42.11.Z - Works related to construction of roads and motorways

42.12.Z - Works related to construction of railways and underground railways

43.11.Z - Demolition

43.12.Z - Site preparation

43.21.Z - Electrical installation

43.22.Z - Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation

55.20.Z - Holiday and other short-stay accommodation

55.90.Z - Other accommodation

68.20.Z - Rental and operating of own or leased real estate

70.22.Z - Business and other management consultancy activities

77.12.Z - Rental and leasing of other motor vehicle, excluding motorcycles

77.32.Z - Rental and leasing of construction machinery and equipment

77.39.Z - Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods not elsewhere classified


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