Centrum Dobrych Tłumaczeń Kamińska Katarzyna
ul. Kosynierów Gdyńskich 27/2, 86-300 Grudziądz
TAX ID9542581340
Phone+48 501 327 777
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Centrum Dobrych Tłumaczeń Kamińska Katarzyna
TAX ID9542581340
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ul. Kosynierów Gdyńskich 27/2, 86-300 Grudziądz

Phone number

+48 501 327 777

About us

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Centrum Dobrych Tłumaczeń is a translation company for 87 languages. The headquarters of our translation agency is located in Grudziądz, but we serve clients not only from our city, poviat, or province, but even from all over Poland.

What catches the attention of customers is the fast turnaround time, relatively low price, high quality of translations and customer satisfaction, who recommend us further. This is because in our everyday work we focus primarily on the quality and customer satisfaction, and the continuity of orders as well as the lack of term bids are a guarantee for us that we can meet every job and make a solid translation from any language.

Our company's mission is to translate into most of the world's languages - today, thanks to cooperation with qualified translators, we can offer high-quality translations for as many as 87 languages. This is very much considering the fact that there are only 24 official languages in the European Union alone. There is quality behind our work, and this is about the translation of any document.

We operate effectively. We have associates in many regions of the country. This means that we always have a professional translator available, who is immediately able to take work on the translated text, and you will quickly receive the necessary document in the right language.


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In the past, Grudziądz was known primarily from the rubber industry. Such plants as "GZPGUM Stomil" were the showcase of the city throughout the country. In the past, a whole group of Grudziadz worked in the company. Everyone had someone who worked in the popular "Gumówka". The contemporary dimension of the capital of Polish uhlans is, however, a bit different. Due to unemployment, many residents left Grudziadz and left abroad. Also companies changed the profile of their activities. Looking at the changes, one can get the impression that Grudziądz did not avoid globalization. And wherever such processes occur, it is impossible to omit aspects related to translations. Overcoming language barriers is a prerequisite for the success of projects undertaken by companies and individuals. It is worth finding a trusted partner in international contacts. Such is our Center of Good Translations. Clients from Grudziądz and the Grudziądz poviat are invited to commission:

Translation Bureau Grudziądz - sworn, standard and specialized translations

  • Sworn translations - certified translations are a specific translation group whose task is to render the actual content of a given document. A philologist who undertakes to prepare them must possess not only knowledge, but also appropriate competences. The qualifications of a given specialist can be checked on the website of the Ministry of Justice. Certified translations will help you wherever you come in contact with courts, offices and public administration bodies. This type of translation is accounted for by 1125 characters with spaces. For more pages, we provide discounts and price reductions.
  • Specialized translations - specialized translations are an important type of written translations. They are used not only by the business sector, but also by individuals. The main areas of their application are industry and medicine. Specialized translations are used to prepare translation of the operating instructions and descriptions of medical examinations. The correct implementation of a given translation depends not only on the language competences, but also on the knowledge of the given issue. Centrum Dobrych Tłumaczeń supports translations from over 50 fields of knowledge. Our translations are appreciated not only in Grudziądz, but also outside its area.
  • Standard translations - the task of translations not covered by the Contractor's seal is to provide information contained in the content of the given document. This type of translation is used to prepare the location of websites, marketing and commercial offers. Centrum Dobrych Tłumaczeń supports almost 40 foreign languages in almost 120 configurations. We are at your disposal 7 days a week. We invite you to cooperation.

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Centrum Dobrych Tłumaczeń Kamińska Katarzyna


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ul. Sienkiewicza 20, 86-300 Grudziądz





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sole proprietorship

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ul. Kosynierów Gdyńskich 27/2, 86-300 Grudziądz

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ul. Wojska Polskiego 86, 86-105 Świecie



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74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

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