ul. Postępu 10/62, 02-676 Warszawa
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Phone+48 605 631 262
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TAX ID7971060793
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ul. Postępu 10/62, 02-676 Warszawa

Phone number

+48 605 631 262

About us

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Biuro księgów Teresa Kiełbowskiej is a professional accounting office operating on the market since 2001.


Many companies have entrusted us with running their finances. entrusted us with running our finances. The variety of bookkeeping services allowed us to provide services to Commercial Law Companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals who run a one-man business.
We have liability insurance and a MINISTRY OF FINANCE certificate for the Service Accounting.

The company has 2 branches:
Warsaw at ul. Postępu 10/62
Chynów at ul. Wolska 3

Our office approaches each client individually.

It is characterized by reliability, professionalism, versatility and safety based on many years of experience.


The owner of the company, Teresa Kiełbowska, has 27 years of experience in the field of finance and financial management of many companies. Several years of experience as the Chief Accountant in large Warsaw companies and since 2001, the next stage is the establishment of its own Accounting Office, operating successfully in Warsaw and the establishment of another branch since 2014 in Warsaw at Postępu street.

Each of us has her own field of life, through which she expresses herself and her emotions and observations to the world around us.
For our team, accounting, taxes, finances and accounting are not just numbers and entries on accounts, and the money for the services provided is not a goal, behind every number there is a man who has his worries, joys and needs and will find security for himself and your finances.


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  • Keeping and storing, by the office, accounting records (synthetic and analytical) of the taxpayer in the form of an accounting book: a diary, general ledger accounts and auxiliary books, a list of turnovers and balances of master and auxiliary account books.
  • Keeping and storing tax documentation, which consists of: separate records for the purposes of tax on goods and services, records of fixed assets and intangible assets, equipment records.
  • Preparation of tax returns, preparation of the annual balance sheet and profit and loss account.


  • Keeping and storing by the Office the following tax documentation of the book of revenues and expenses, records for the purposes of tax on goods and services, records of fixed assets and intangible assets, equipment records, making VAT settlements as part of the business conducted by the taxpayer.
  • Preparation of tax declarations in personal income tax and VAT.


  • Keeping and keeping the following tax documentation by the Accounting Office: flat-rate registration, records for the purposes of value added tax, list of fixed assets and intangible assets, VAT settlements as part of the business conducted by the taxpayer.
  • Preparation of tax declarations in personal income tax and VAT.


  • Keeping records of employees.
  • Keeping personal files of employees, within the scope resulting from the labor law and special regulations.
  • Keeping all matters related to the employment relationship for employees.
    Registration of employees at ZUS and de-registration.
  • Registration of sick leaves;
  • Entering, updating and archiving HR data in a computerized payroll system.
  • Reporting Z-03 and Z-06 on employment and pay - in the employment part (if required).
    Making periodic analyzes of the use of working time (presence, dismissals, overtime, holidays).
  • Keeping the current archive of employee personal files.
  • Calculation of remuneration and payroll services for employees based on payroll documents and in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Preparing payrolls.
  • Keeping employee payroll files and updating them monthly.
    Calculation of remuneration for absence from work due to sickness, sickness, maternity and care benefits, control of the correctness of establishing the entitlement to sickness benefit and running allowance cards.
  • Calculating and drawing up payout lists based on bills for contracts of mandates and contracts for specific work concluded by the Taxpayer.
  • Preparing monthly statements regarding the calculation of wages and information on paid social security, health insurance, Labor Fund, personal income tax and other deductions.
  • Preparing and sending monthly ZUS declarations, transferring transfers to ZUS accounts and preparing Annual Reports.

Activity type

service provider

Register Data

Full name

Biuro Księgowe Teresa Kiełbowska


Correspondence address

ul. Postępu 10/62, 02-676 Warszawa





Legal form

sole proprietorship Registration Date


Register Address

ul. Postępu 10/62, 02-676 Warszawa

Addressing an additional place of business

POTĘPU 10/62, 02-676 Warszawa


Teresa Kiełbowska

Marriage Contract

Not applicable

Date of commencement of activity in CEIDG




Pkd codes

69.20.Z - Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy

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