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1. Find a company
Company profile - find a company
Look for data of every company registered in Poland, including yours.
Use a searcher placed on the top of the page, entering NIP or company name.
2. Register account for free
Company profile - regiser account free
On the searched profile, please click the button::
Is this your company? > If you already have an account on Aleo, log in.
3. Fill in the profile
Company profile - find the company
Let new clients find your company. Profile on Aleo promotes your company
on the platform and outside it.
Add phone number Add e-mail address
Only logged-in Users can see your contact data.
Customers would like to get to know you. Describe your company and your offer.
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Gather and issue opinions

Have you found a potential contractor? Or maybe you have already formed your opinion?
On Aleo you can rate, browse and respond for the opinions issued to you.

More about opinions
Company profile - find the company
See financial data

Together with Bisnode we publish information about financial standing of companies. Effectively rate risk of commercial trade and credibility of business partners.
Opcja dostępna w pakiecie Pro, Pro+ i Enterprise.

More about financial data
Company profile - find the company
Check relations between companies

We analize relations between companies and other entities on the basis of data from public KRS register.
We make them available on company profiles as a relations net.
See more functions of company profile
Company profile - find the company

Be in constant contact with your contractors. Every message you receive from the Aleo User is sent to an e-mail address as well. Log in and respond the opinion in your mailbox in My Office. Shortcut to the module can be found under the envelope icon in the top right corner.
Company profile - find the company
Register data + company authorities

We make available data about companies on the basis of public KRS and CEIDG registers.
We also make available downloading of current data excerpt for Logged-in Users.
Company profile - find the company
Profile confirmation

If you want to confirm company data, transfer 1PLN (in My office you can find dedicated account number to transfer the money) or log in directly to ING Business / Moje ING. We will return the transferred amount of amount, and add a "Confirmed profile" badge to your company.