Case studies


With Aleo we had a satisfying chance to gain rewarding savings and establish permanent business relations to guarantee non-productive supply materials for our company.

It is easy-to-use and time-saving platform, by means of which market research can be conducted in an organized and transparent manner.

It is also worth to point out the exemplary work of Aleo Support Team. They monitor all published requests for proposal and help users to specify their needs and find potential suppliers.

Aleo increases companies’ benefits realisation but its great marketing success had nationwide impact on the popularization of B2B online tools supporting purchasing process among small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.

Tomasz Ryś, Specialist in purchasing non-productive materials


Solan Investment Sp. z o.o. is the leader in production of granules and potato flakes in Poland and one of the main manufacturers in the world. We specialize in the production of dehydrated mashed potatoes for over 80 years. We offer high-quality products that provide maximum satisfaction to our Clients. Our products and services value is recognized and certified by: ISO 22000, Kosher Certification HALAL and supported by implementation of ethical trade including environmental sustainability.

To develop and grow faster we are investing in modern technology. In order to improve our purchase processes we decided to use Aleo. Thanks to this platform we gained savings of 20% in following categories: LPG gas, cartons and packages, pallets and absorption container desiccant bags.

We started Aleo implementation by getting professional training session with Aleo Business Development experts . We were prepared to create and lead effective RFP and online negotiations. And what is very important too, Aleo Support Team supported us in finding new suppliers and receiving their offers. Thanks to new business relations we have a great benchmark within categories we are interested in.

With Aleo, companies have chance not only to realize profits, gain financial savings but also build strong business relations with trustworthy suppliers. Aleo is an intuitive and user friendly ecommerce and auction platform to manage better purchasing processes. We are using it and will do so.

Robert Bujok, Managing Director


As an international freight forwarder we are constantly improving our internal processes by using the most effective tools available in the market. The best example of such a tool is Aleo – internet platform that allows us to manage complex procurement process and increase savings.

The advantage of this platform is the Aleo TEAM, which was very involved in trainings with our employees to help choosing categories with the greatest savings potential, creating requests for proposal and, what is really important, finding potential suppliers.

In a simple and fast way we have received great number of offers (average 10 offers received for one request for proposal) which we than have compared in one place. This helps then easily go through online negotiations with suppliers. Moreover we gained competitive offers from suppliers with whom we have not worked before.

Aleo functionalities respond to our needs and the most distinctive features are constantly growing Supplier base, related to different business categories, and transparent purchase process.

We would like to express our gratitude for constructive support we have received from Aleo TEAM and we are counting on our further efficient cooperation.

Paweł Werno, Finanacial Director


Acting on the European market for many years, we streamline our current processes using the most effective tools available on the market. With the right approach to business we achieve very rapid pace of development and still gain new markets. One of the recent improvements we implemented was the usage of the Aleo platform. In mid-2013, we conducted two procurement processes by which we achieved results difficult to obtain without the solutions available on the platform.

Aleo develops dynamically and acquires new suppliers in various industries. We took advantage of this effect reaching new, often not known to us for service providers that we used for years. The competition effect that we have achieved, gave the expected effects.

The platform allows us to use a multitude of solutions in one place - both for selling and buying. Using such features as an electronic request for proposal and purchase auctions has resulted in significant savings in a very short period of time..

Tomasz Brzeziński, Financial Director


Our company is an active participant in trading on the Internet. For many years we have successfully used a purchasing portal, thanks to which we acquired more than 1,000 customers. The portal has resulted in significant savings.

Until now, we were confident that our purchasing portal was one of the leading solutions in Poland … until September 2013, when the service appeared. is a modern, professional B2B platform enabling sales, purchases and the building of relationships between companies on the Internet. Such comprehensive solutions are not offered by any B2B platform available on the Polish market.

The functionality offered by Aleo fully meets our requirements. The service offers the opportunity to organise buying and selling auctions and submissions of requests for proposals. Each of these functions provides many additional options that significantly affect the success of business operations - these include the opportunity to invite companies which are non-Aleo users to participate in the auctions or requests for proposals.

The service also enables companies to create business cards, along with the full product range, which does not need to be entered product by product. All you have to do is generate an XML file, for example  ERP and attach it to the Aleo site, which significantly shortens the process of making an offer.

The great advantage of Aleo, beyond its functionality, is the simplicity of use and a very helpful customer support department, where staff, in every way, have demonstrated speed of action and professionalism in customer service.

Additionally, a very interesting Aleo feature is the management of relationships with service users. We can create contact groups and groups of users being observed. Consequently, the system will automatically inform our groups about the queries or auctions organized by us and vice versa, – it will inform us of our partners projects. As a result, we do not lose time on daily service browsing.

After the first few weeks of our presence on we found new suppliers and buyers, which resulted in the financial improvement of our company. By the end of this year, we intend to invite and to transfer all our existing customers to Aleo. We decided that this would be the only on-line B2B platform, to which we would entrust our purchases.

We are totally convinced that the cooperation with Aleo has allowed us to advance and prosper, and this will help us to effectively reach out to the next business partners.

Michał Nowacki, President of the Board


In these times of economic slowdown, cost optimization has become a necessity. Some of the decisions are very painful, such as dismissing employees, while others can be carried out without prejudice to the company and its employees.

Renegotiation of the terms of delivery and price or services of supplied materials, as well as the change of existing suppliers is a very common phenomenon. It is known that for larger purchases it is easier to obtain a better price, which is why group shopping is becoming more popular.

The Aleo platform has allowed us not only to negotiate better terms, but also to save time, which is necessary in the search for new suppliers and in reaching out to them.

Auctions published on Aleo allow us not only to receive better offers from new suppliers but also motivate existing suppliers to change their conditions and terms - even before the end of the current contract. Such discussions, as you know, are very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

The platform also provides support and technical assistance in the preparation of new auctions.

Renata Kułagowska, Director of Finance and Administration


We performed procurement processes for three categories of goods we use in our company: pallets, foil and paper boxes.

The platform was developed in a professional and easy to use way, where navigation is intuitive. In the case of any questions and  ambiguities we could always rely on the professional help of the administrators.

Our participation in  screenings on has resulted in numerous successes. Unquestionably, the first of these are the savings we were able to achieve […]

Another positive effect is an increased interest in cooperation with us by companies that have so far shown no such desire. By using Aleo these companies have submitted offers and made contact with us.

The third success is the reaction of our existing suppliers. Our participation in  the proceedings prompted them to provide better trading conditions.

In conclusion, our participation in the project was a success and has resulted in savings for our company

Thank you for your support and we look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

Rafał Olejnik, Marketing Director


The Aleo platform has allowed us to create complex requests for proposals on a wide range of products and services. It has also allowed us to compare different offers in one place and easily choose the best.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by Aleo we have managed to persuade many suppliers to submit competitive bids.

Another advantage is the constantly growing database of companies, allowing a free market analysis of suppliers

Lech Skibiński, Managing Director