Rękawiczki Cube WLS Natural Fit LTD short finger

Nazwa katalogowa:Rękawiczki Cube WLS Natural Fit LTD short finger
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WLS Natural Fit LTD short finger airy short finger gloves with ventilation holes and gelfoam padding silicone grip print pull-off system terry cloth Color white/grey/blue Size S(6)-XL(9) Material 50% Nylon, 10% Spandex, 35% PU, 5% Gelfoam NATURAL FIT PHILOSOPHY With the natural fit of cubes ergonomic products your biking adventure will be an even greater experience. Problems, pain or discomfort while biking can now be a thing of the past - comfort and perfect functionality can now support you up and down the trails. Natural fit line products by cube are perfectly adapted to fit your body when biking. ergonomically optimized, innovative products developed with medical insight innovative design high-quality materials perfect functionality