First time creating RFP? Check how it works.
First time creating RFP? Check how it works.

Request for proposal (RFP) is an invitation for suppliers to send their offers. It contains a detailed description of the wanted product, purchase conditions and requirements which are essential for the buyer. In addition you can create your own list of questions. Remember that the more information you give, the more accurate will be offers you get.

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What would you like to buy?:*

Enter the name of the product you are interested in.

How many.:*

Specify the amount and the measurement unit.

Enter additional detailed information like:
- Object name, model
- Size
- Weight
- Material type
- Quality standards
- Purpose of use
- Packaging
- Specification of product or service
- number of items in collective packaging
- Other important features
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Select at least one category of your RFP as it could be easy for other user to find.

Deadline for offers:*

Define the deadline for offer submission.

Delivery address:*

Enter a delivery address.

Payment options

Who covers the cost of delivery:*
Preferred payment terms:*

Selecting your payment preferences.

Supplier Financing
More offers and more new suppliers. Check out how to get it with Supplier Financing service.
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Companies invited to RFP

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Availibility of my RFP:*

Your RFP will be visible to all Aleo suppliers. Those who are watching categories of your RFP will receive email notifications.

Invitations to your RFP will be sent only to invited suppliers.

Monitoring the offer ranking:*

We encourage you to enable the monitoring of the offer ranking. The monitoring only takes into account prices of offers and use them to calculate their positions. This function will make your competitors aware of their rank and, in turn, may encourage them to update their offer.

First delivery date:

Choose the first delivery date.


Select your offer currency.

General comments:

Enter the commercial and delivery terms that you expect. Specify;

- single or long-term deliveries

- cooperation type

- etc.

Additional criteria:

A preview of the form with questions on which you will receive answers from the sellers.

In order to place an offer, the bidders must answer the questions given below. You can edit/delete them or add new questions.

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CriteriaPossible answers
Type of business
Choose options:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Broker
  • Importer
  • Service provider
Payment date after invoice is issued
Choose an option:
  • prepayment
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 21 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • > 60 days

Define the conditions of the subject in your request for proposal

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