"WIESER" Usługi i Doradztwo Aleksandra Wieser
ul. Hetmańska 43, 82-300 Elbląg
TAX ID5782640382
Phone+48 603 311 206
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"WIESER" Usługi i Doradztwo Aleksandra Wieser
TAX ID5782640382
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ul. Hetmańska 43, 82-300 Elbląg

Phone number

+48 603 311 206

About us

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WIESER loans and real estate are primarily credit counseling.

We have created a profile of a mobile, independent advisor who is able to meet the expectations of customers with different needs. Both in terms of the specificity of products, as well as credit services. In the place where we operate, in Elbląg, we are a mobile advisor and we reach the client, which makes it easier to establish closer contacts that result in better cooperation during the whole process of obtaining financing. In addition, we have partners in other cities, where it is also possible to reach the customer. Due to the fact that we have the possibility to transfer loan agreements into various parts of Poland, we can help people from all over the country. Due to the fact that it would be logistically much more difficult, but not impossible, the on-line form of arranging many formalities turns out to be support. The entire process of launching the loan from the moment I submit my application on behalf of the client rests with us here. The client goes to the bank only to sign a loan agreement.

Therefore, we encourage all people who are looking for credit solutions to contact us, regardless of where they live.

We specialize in credit solutions, because we have more experience in this area, but for many years we have many other solutions for private persons and entrepreneurs. If at this time we do not offer the solution you are looking for, ask us for it. We try to find them especially for you.

We work with all banks and many non-bank institutions, but we try to cut the offer prepared for the client to several of them. We simply choose the best for a given customer at this moment. Bank offers can change from day to day. :)

We will adjust the solution to you, not you to a specific offer.

In addition, due to the cooperation with many construction companies, realtors or developers, we have access to many real estate offers, which you can also ask us about. :)

We invite you to visit our website and the one on Facebook, where we share many interesting articles and materials about our favorite topics of finance and real estate.

Through our website you can directly apply for certain banking products. However, this is an application filed directly at the bank, so a representative of the bank contacts you, not us.

If you are looking forward to help with choosing an offer and obtaining financing, please contact us!


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Short about the offer.

- A mortgage loan or a mortgage for the purchase of real estate, construction or any purpose;

- A cash loan;

- A consolidation or refinancing loan (also under a mortgage;)

- Car loan or leasing;

- Investment credit, trading credit, lines in the account, for Companies;

- multi-bank non-bank loans for both private persons and companies

- many other solutions;

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Aleksandra WIESER


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ul. Hetmańska 43/1, 82-300 Elbląg





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sole proprietorship

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ul. Hetmańska 43/1, 82-300 Elbląg


Aleksandra WIESER

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64.99.Z - Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding not elsewhere classified

43.31.Z - Plastering

43.32.Z - Joinery installation

43.33.Z - Floor and wall covering

43.34.Z - Painting and glazing

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing

43.91.Z - Roofing activities

43.99.Z - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

64.19.Z - Other monetary intermediation

64.92.Z - Other credit granting

66.19.Z - Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

66.22.Z - Activities of insurance agents and brokers

68.31.Z - Real estate agencies

90.01.Z - Performing arts activities

90.02.Z - Support activities to performing arts


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