Szachmat Dawid Ziółkowski
Tadeusza Czackiego 17 Lok. 18, 85-138 Bydgoszcz
TAX ID9532419862
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Szachmat Dawid Ziółkowski
TAX ID9532419862
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Tadeusza Czackiego 17 Lok. 18, 85-138 Bydgoszcz

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Our company provides comprehensive and professional e-marketing services for small and medium-sized companies, including:

  • design and creation of websites, shops and portals www
  • creating a brand (branding) and company's development strategy
  • a wide range of graphic and printed advertising, logo creation
  • internet marketing, content marketing, content creation
  • positioning of websites (SEO / SEM) -,
  • running a campaign of sponsored links (Adwords)
  • business photography and professional filming (packshots, company photos, 3D panoramas)

We work with many advertising agencies and freelancers, thanks to which we are ready to undertake complex and ambitious orders. We cordially invite you to visit the website with our portfolio or to contact us to investigate your needs. We are flexible and involved in projects, thanks to which we establish strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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manufacturer, service provider

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sole proprietorship Registration Date


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ul. Tadeusza Czackiego 17/18, 85-138 Bydgoszcz



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Not applicable

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Pkd codes

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

13.92.Z - Manufacture of made-up textile articles

14.11.Z - Manufacture of leather clothes

14.13.Z - Manufacture of other outerwear

14.14.Z - Manufacture of underwear

14.19.Z - Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories

14.20.Z - Manufacture of articles of fur

14.39.Z - Manufacture of other knitted and crocheted apparel

15.12.Z - Produkcja toreb bagażowych, toreb ręcznych i podobnych wyrobów kaletniczych

16.24.Z - Manufacture of wooden containers

16.29.Z - Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials

17.29.Z - Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard

18.12.Z - Other printing

18.13.Z - Pre-press and pre-media services

18.14.Z - Binding and related services

26.20.Z - Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

32.13.Z - Manufacture of imitation jewellery and related articles

32.40.Z - Manufacture of games and toys

47.19.Z - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores

47.89.Z - Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

47.99.Z - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

58.11.Z - Book publishing

58.13.Z - Publishing of newspapers

58.14.Z - Publishing of journals and periodicals

58.19.Z - Other publishing activities

58.21.Z - Publishing of computer games

58.29.Z - Other software publishing

59.11.Z - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities

59.12.Z - Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities

59.20.Z - Sound recording and music publishing activities

62.01.Z - Computer programming activities

62.02.Z - Computer consultancy activities

62.03.Z - Computer facilities management activities

62.09.Z - Other information technology and computer service activities

63.11.Z - Data processing, hosting and related activities

63.12.Z - Web portals

63.99.Z - Other information service activities not elsewhere classified

68.20.Z - Rental and operating of own or leased real estate

70.22.Z - Business and other management consultancy activities

73.12.A - Intermediation in the sale of time and place on advertising aims in the radio and television

73.12.B - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in printed media

73.12.C - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in electronic media (Internet)

73.12.D - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in other media

74.10.Z - Specialised design activities

74.20.Z - Photographic activities

74.30.Z - Translation and interpretation activities

77.21.Z - Rental and leasing of recreational and sports goods

77.29.Z - Rental and leasing of other personal and household goods

77.33.Z - Rental and leasing of office machinery and equipment, including computers

77.40.Z - Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works

82.11.Z - Office administrative service activities

82.19.Z - Photocopying, document preparation and other specialised office support activities

82.30.Z - Organisation of conventions and trade shows

85.51.Z - Out-of-school forms of sports and leisure education

85.52.Z - Out-of-school forms of cultural education

86.90.A - Physiotherapeutical activities

90.03.Z - Artistic creation activities

93.11.Z - Operation of sports facilities

93.19.Z - Other sports activities

95.11.Z - Repair and maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment

95.12.Z - Repair and maintenance of (tele)communication equipment

95.25.Z - Repair of watches, clocks and jewellery

95.29.Z - Repair of other personal and household goods

96.02.Z - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment


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