Studio Dekoracji Florystycznych Justyna Garbat
Stwosza 34, 25-453 Kielce
TAX ID6572415202
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Studio Dekoracji Florystycznych Justyna Garbat
TAX ID6572415202
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Stwosza 34, 25-453 Kielce

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Studio Dekoracji Florystycznych Justyna Garbat


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Stwosza 34, 25-453 Kielce





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Justyna Garbat

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47.76.Z - Retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilisers, pet animals and pet food in specialised stores


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Świadkowa 2022-04-01 20:36:52
Floristic Decoration Studio offered its services after placing an advertisement in the Wedding and Wedding-Kielce and surroundings group. The bride contacted the florist on February 15 this year. There were: a garland of balloons on the gate, wicker wreaths, bows on the door and pillars in front of the entrance to the house. The florist asked for photos of the garden, took the initiative, sent decoration proposals and a service quote, which the Bride agreed. Today, i.e. 01/04 after hours. 21.30 The bride received the message that the florist cannot decorate the house for the wedding, which is to be held on April 23, 2022. Of course, the florist undertook to make the decoration, but without the possibility of installing it. Considering the time left until the wedding (3 weeks), it is an extremely irresponsible approach to the client. In such a short time, it will not even be possible to organize a person who would undertake the service. It is also puzzling why the Salon took so long to inform its client about the impossibility of decorating the house. The only thing left for the bride is to ask the florist if resignation from the service is a bad joke on the occasion of April Fool's Day?

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