Steak Rock
Wola Kopcowa ul. Wspólna 10, 26-001 Masłów Pierwszy
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Steak Rock
TAX ID6572575673
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Wola Kopcowa ul. Wspólna 10, 26-001 Masłów Pierwszy

About us

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Steak Rock - the largest producer in Europe of grilling sets on volcanic stone.

What is STEAK ROCK How to serve dishes on hot lava stone. Ideally suited for dishes such as steaks, seafood, fish and vegetables. Grilling on lava stone can be found all over the world and is very popular in hotels, restaurants, golf clubs and typical steak house. This unusually healthy frying method extracts unusual flavors and aromas from dishes, making even the most demanding customers happy.

Three steps are enough to prepare a delicious dish:

  • Heat the stone
  • Put a piece of meat on the stone
  • Add the whole to the table

The secret of STEAK ROCK: The most important element of the whole set is specially selected stone from volcanic lava.

  • Extracted from the southern slope, one of the five most dangerous volcanoes in the world, located on the Apennine Peninsula.
  • characterized by high resistance sudden temperature change - it does not crack
  • it has an indifferent composition - it does not give foreign smells to the dish
  • structure and carefully made cut - it does not "remember" the smells of the previous food, easy to keep clean

Advantages of STEAK ROCK Grilling on stone is one of the oldest forms of meal preparation. Thanks to our products it is also possible at home and restaurant. Grilling on STEAK ROCK is healthy

  • It does not require the use of fat
  • The dish is not exposed to carcinogenic smoke

Grilling on STEAK ROCK is tasty:

  • In contrast to metals, the stone releases heat much more slowly, which makes the dishes prepared incredibly juicy and aromatic.
  • Despite the high temperature of the stone reaching 400 degrees, it is very hard to light the dish

Grilling STEAK ROCK is cool:

  • Steak rock perfectly fit into the ideas of slow food, grilling together, testing different degrees of meat roasting, mixing with sauces makes a great pleasure
  • Each piece of the dish is a pleasant surprise for the palate
  • You can grill on the balcony

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manufacturer, broker, wholesaler, distributor

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Maciej Sajkiewicz STEAK ROCK


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al. Modrzewiowa 13, 30-224 Kraków





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al. Modrzewiowa 13, 30-224 Kraków


Maciej Sajkiewicz

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