Prestiż Meble
Widok 91, 62-800 KALISZ
TAX ID6181983540
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Prestiż Meble
TAX ID6181983540
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Widok 91, 62-800 KALISZ

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Company removed from CEIDG 2 Feb 2022 y.

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Prestiż Meble Marcin Małecki


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ul. Widok 91/91, 62-800 Kalisz





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sole proprietorship Registration Date


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ul. Widok 91/91, 62-800 Kalisz


Marcin Małecki

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Not applicable

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47.99.Z - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

31.09.Z - Manufacture of other furniture


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4.6/ 5.0
Based on 76 reviews
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Kashif khan 2024-03-24 15:32:45
Good compny
Niezadowolona klientka 2021-11-20 10:43:57
I do not recommend the Prestiz company. At the beginning, Mr. Marcin is nice. After receiving the sofa it turned out that it did not comply with the order. After the telephone intervention, you tried to convince me that I had ordered one. It's difficult, I accepted because I did not want to argue with this gentleman. After a year the sofas in the sofa started to work loudly and the foam "worked out". After filing the complaint, the sofa was taken away after 4 months. He came back after 3 weeks and it is not visible that it was repaired. I called Mr. Marcin, unfortunately he turned out to be very rude and he did not feel responsible to do something about it. and I started to insult this man. Some kind of massacre. I am in contact with the producer. No more such pseudo-companies. I do not recommend it because it is a waste of nerves and money for such goods.
Marta Tomek 2021-10-25 16:55:59
We recommend Prestiż. Super customer service. Furniture is well made. Thank you.
Katarzyna Gawel 2021-10-12 19:48:37
We recommend Prestiż Meble Furniture Showroom. Very nice service. Great advice, perfect furniture. Thank you
Marta Morak 2021-10-07 14:44:44
Super quality, great Workmanship. The furniture from the order arrived within a week. Shock In other companies, it takes from six to eight weeks, and here is such a surprise. May there be more such companies. Regards
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Karolina Morawiec 2021-10-07 14:18:06
Thank you for the sofa bed Suoer convenience delivery time from order shock 3 DAYS !!! We are amazed. Lovely furniture We recommend
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Marek konopka 2021-10-07 14:15:48
I heartily recommend the bed. Professionalism, convenience. Thank you
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Mariusz Kuźmicki 2021-10-06 09:49:51
I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! I bought at your showroom Prestiż ul. Kaliska 39 in Ostrów Wlkp. Bed ... At the beginning, the delivery is incomplete (no LED), only after notification, delivered after a few days, well it happens, but ... the bedding box is a joke ... "chest" is like that really two loose sheets on the floor. They are not connected with each other or with the bed at all, and also trimmed so that when the frame is lifted, you can see floor panels in the middle of the bed at the edges. After reporting that there are clearances and there will be dust - info that it should be like this because the floor will be moldy if it is covered with no clearances?!? is this some kind of joke?!? Then, however, after the promised new floor, to the box, which was to be cut so that it could cover the entire surface of the bed and finally connect it to the bed - delivery failed 4 times !!! Without any notification that today, however, he will not come and answer the phone ... and so on and on ... after a few days, picking up the phone again, arranging another delivery day and of course no delivery and no phone call ... and reprimanding the partner that We agreed with the latter ... that you have a division ... and this does not change the fact that as a salon you are unprofessional ...
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Dear Mr. For slander we will meet in court Bed which you ordered has a record not mantarzowa I do not recommend you as a customer you even swindled the record although Oanu did not belong to you Regret that such customers who buy for flea money the furniture is tight to describe honest people Karma returns
Katarzyna Parczewska 2021-09-29 19:59:00
I heartily recommend Prestiż Meble Kalisz Very nice customer service, Super Royali 280-210 mega-comfort furniture. May there be more such companies with such an approach and professionalism to the client. Thank you for the implementation.
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Katarzyna Lupka 2021-08-25 18:18:57
I recommend Prestiz Mebke. Full professionalism. Mondo corner 1000% refined I recommend
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Kaśka Mikicka 2021-07-13 10:19:21
I heartily recommend Prestiz Meble. Beautiful furniture, workmanship at the highest level !!!
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Martyna Sarnecki 2021-05-30 19:24:34
I recommend Prestiż Meble Chesterfield sofa Elegant and wonderful. Thank you
Prestiż Meble May 31, 2021
Thank you
Marek Pietrzak 2021-05-13 08:14:42
We recommend Prestiż Meble. Friendly service, professional advice. GREAT FURNITURE
Prestiż Meble Oct 11, 2021
Thank you
Monika Myszkowska 2021-05-12 04:17:03
We sincerely recommend that you buy furniture at the Prestiż Meble Furniture Showroom. Corner sofa Royali 280/280 super comfortable. Transport on the next day. The Bronx fabric perfectly meets our requirements. The furniture is comfortable, nice and super RECOMMENDED
Prestiż Meble May 13, 2021
Thank you
Martyna Lis 2021-05-11 05:08:43
Great shopping in the Prestiż Meble salon. A bed as a corner, available immediately Wonderful. Next day delivery Little service I recommend it!
Prestiż Meble May 12, 2021
Thank you
Marek Idziakowski 2021-05-10 09:28:40
We recommend shopping at Prestiz Meble. Customer service Super Doradzina stain-resistant fabric, pleasant to the touch. Furniture made with full professionalism Thank you.
Prestiż Meble May 12, 2021
Thank you
Magdalena Tarasiewicka 2021-05-10 08:58:50
Shopping at Prestiz Meble pure pleasure.
Prestiż Meble May 12, 2021
Thank you
Katarzyna Królik 2021-05-10 08:53:01
I recommend shopping at Prestiz Meble Naroznik Mondo 280-280 Super recommend
Prestiż Meble May 12, 2021
Thank you
Zosia samosia 2021-05-08 16:56:54
The company is a tragedy, they lie about the supply issue, they lie about the repairs (they ship the unrepaired product despite the alleged repair), they ship the defective product. I do not recommend. The owner is stalling, he cannot complete the transaction, because he took the money, so you don't have to take care of the customer. I do not recommend, never again.
Prestiż Meble May 10, 2021
The lady herself broke the sleeping function. Second but the complaint should not be recognized. The furniture was specially damaged !!!!
Tomasz krynicki 2021-04-28 17:36:36
Super service in the Salon. Super furniture that came. Mondo 280-280 Ogien corner 🙂 I recommend it !!
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