Pracownia Tapicerska Szymon Wlazło - Tapicer Pabianice Tapicer Łódź
Cyprysowa 15, 95-200 Pabianice
TAX ID7311603141
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Pracownia Tapicerska Szymon Wlazło - Tapicer Pabianice Tapicer Łódź
TAX ID7311603141
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Cyprysowa 15, 95-200 Pabianice



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The beginning of my adventure with furniture goes back many years.

Since 1997 I have been practicing and developing my skills in designing and making upholstered furniture. Step by step, I gained knowledge and furniture expertise by going through all the stages of creating furniture and selling them.

Furniture is my passion, which is why during their performance I put great emphasis on aesthetics, accuracy and quality. In conversation with the client I get acquainted with his vision, sharing his experience and professional advice so that the end result is the most satisfying.

I am constantly striving for self-development by following the latest trends and trends on the furniture market. I serve my clients with professional knowledge in the field of furniture construction, selection of fabrics and interior design. Both in designing, creating from scratch a new piece of furniture and renewing the old - worn out, I put all my knowledge and passion. Each new project is a challenge for me, to which I devote all my attention and experience.

I try to meet the expectations of customers and current trends. I offer upholstered furniture to order by catalog, photo, drawing or customer's project.

The implementation of new, especially atypical orders by project designers or individual clients gives me satisfaction and the opportunity to demonstrate.

After years of fashion for chairs, couches or armchairs from Agata or BRW mass-produced, especially among mature people, the trend returns to a comfortable, elegant and comfortable furniture referring to classic patterns such as English upholstered furniture or modern trends. When it seemed that upholstery was slowly becoming a dying profession, the need for hand-made chairs, sofas and even noise-suppressing doors was revived - which the My Upholstery studio also offered.

Individually made furniture upholstery again enjoy a good take. Probably the time has passed when the upholstery was associated with kitsch and the petty bourgeois taste of the PRL. Upholstery consisting of padding and wrapping (with a crust or fabric) is doing well and thanks to individual customers who value comfort and quality, they will not be killed.

In times when the living space often shrinks to a small size, having a non-standard piece of furniture ideally suited to the interior is a must. I adjust the dimensions of the upholstered furniture offered by me individually with each client - adjusting the height of the seat, hardness of the cushions according to his needs, etc.

Custom-made upholstered furniture is now a small bit of luxury, an opportunity to stand out from others. This is a great opportunity for mature, elderly people attached to their old times worn and damaged furniture to restore their former glory. Regardless of the materials used, the final result will depend mainly on the client's taste and may reflect his personality and character.

Custom-made upholstery is also an ideal solution for people who value comfort, class and quality. The furniture offered by me is made of good quality wood, with the use of appropriate foams and springs. Their mission is to serve clients for many years.

I recommend your services and I invite you to contact me.


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manufacturer, service provider

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Company removed from CEIDG 1 Jan 2022 y.

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ul. Cyprysowa 15, 95-200 Pabianice





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ul. Cyprysowa 15, 95-200 Pabianice



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95.24.Z - Repair and maintenance of furniture and home furnishings

47.59.Z - Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles in specialised stores


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