Michał Kiedrowski F.H.U. KIEDROS-EVENT
ul.Akacjowa 16/4 61-431 Poznań, 61-431 Poznań
TAX ID7831537597
Phone+48 793 793 075
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Michał Kiedrowski F.H.U. KIEDROS-EVENT
TAX ID7831537597
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ul.Akacjowa 16/4 61-431 Poznań, 61-431 Poznań

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+48 793 793 075



About us

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Welcome to the profile of my company!

The pneumatic shooting range is an attraction for both children, adolescents and adults. We offer proven and accurate target shooting equipment, and our flagship equipment are carbines with lunettes for 4,5mm and 5.5mm pellets. "Windbreaker". For younger shooting enthusiasts, we offer replicas of the Air Soft Gun for lightweight BB 6mm ammunition with a weight of 0.20 grams. The experience gained at events in various locations allows us to secure the area of ​​the shooting range and thus enable safe use of the shooting range during the event. We put the emphasis on safety the most, thus we always try to make the pneumatic shooting range a safe game. Each participant of the event under the watchful eye of the instructor will undergo a brief training on the position of "airguns" and pistols ASG. There is the possibility of organizing a shooting tournament and selecting the "Sagittarius of the Day". Our offer includes a maximum of 10 shooting positions and a selection of several types of weapons: - karabiners with lunettes so-called. "air rifles" - CO2 guns for shot - ASG electric BB guns - BBG pistols ASG - CO2 balls 6mm BB

All the time we are expanding our shooting arsenal in various types of airguns and ASG carabiner replicas. During the event we provide: military climate, service and professional approach to the client, good fun associated with the passion we have for shooting and military :)

I invite you to read the offer in detail, write to the e-mail address [email protected] or facebook in order to get the current offer :)

Kiedrosa Pneumatic Shooting Range



Cooperation offer - we offer setting up and professional service of the shooting range at closed and integration events, company events, festivals, picnics, rallies and name days!

We work with Reconstruction Groups, Event Companies, Firms and Enterprises. We are flexible and tailor our offer to the client's needs.

Several years of experience in this industry and a passion for shooting, army and military allows us to provide efficient and professional service, adding a military atmosphere to the event.

Shooting range enjoys interest among children, adolescents and adults - it is an attraction during family fetes and picnics, military rallies and reconstructions.

So far, our services have benefited from:

  • Rally of car lovers of the Honda-Gorzów Wlkp. Brand in 2012
  • Center of Culture in Gołuchów, 2013, 2014
  • Group "V2" - rally of Harley Davidson motorcyclists 2013
  • Family Festivity in Kościelna Wies - 2013
  • III Historical Picnic Pleszew 2013
  • Days of the Poznań Poznań Fortress- an anti-nuclear shelter, ul. Babimojska
  • Days of Cultural Heritage Poznań 2014
  • Municipal Office in Czempiń - Independence Day 2014
  • Municipal Cultural Center in Kargowa - "Western Front 1919" - 8/02/2015

We have also been trusted by the shooters from:

  • Ułana Days - Cytadela Poznańska - 19/04/2015 - Poznań
  • Days of the Poznań Fortress 20-21.06 2015 - Fort III, Poznań
  • Family Festivity in Kościelna Wsi 18-19.06 2015
  • Polish Army Day 15/08/2015 - Fort III, Poznań
  • Harvest Festival in Lubasz 23/08/2015
  • Baked Twin Day in Czarnków 2015
  • Harvest Festival in Chrzypsko Wielka 2015
  • Harvest Festival in Objezierzu 2015
  • Independence Day - 2015 - Fort III in Poznan
  • Corporate Party - Cichowo-Soplicowo Filmowe 18.06. 2016
  • Corporate Party - Municipal Stadium in Gostyń 19.06. 2016

Thanks to our passion for what we do, we are able to meet your expectations and provide you with a unique experience of your event on which our shooting range will be successful!

In case of your interest - I will be happy to present the details of the shooting range at your outdoor event.

During the valuation, we approach each client individually because he never has the same event.

The valuation consists of:

- duration of the event (5h as standard, with the possibility of extending up to 8h maximum)

- the number of people participating in the festivity

- distance from Poznań

Of course, we issue a VAT invoice for our services.

We cordially invite you to contact us and to our gallery with past events on FACEBOOK:


If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Best wishes,

Michał Kiedrowski

kom: 793793075

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