MIK-BUD AutomatykaO SpeeD-BoX
RYNEK, nr 13, lok. 1, 32-200 Miechów
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MIK-BUD AutomatykaO SpeeD-BoX
TAX ID6591377141
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RYNEK, nr 13, lok. 1, 32-200 Miechów

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Welcome cordially !!!

We are pleased to introduce you to the image of our company, technical and commercial representation and authorized distributor of domestic companies producing equipment and components in the field of:

DRIVE TECHNIQUE - selection, technical support and sale - frequency converters (inverters), soft starters, mechanical transmissions, electric motors - devices protecting and controlling the automatic operation of the drive systems of a reputable manufacturer with a representative office and service company Eura Drives in Poland.

AUTOMATION AND CONTROL - production and sale of SpeeD-BoX and StarT-BoX control boxes for comprehensive solutions in DRIVE TECHNOLOGY.

Online Automation is a modern commercial and service company. We select and distribute industrial machine components and devices. The idea of our company is a comprehensive supply of industrial plants and machine manufacturers with components both at the stage of machine production and their operation.

Our main customers are the following industries: Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Energy, Heating, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Metallurgy and Foundry, Water and Sewage Management, Plastic Processing, Cement and Lime Works, Electrical, Machinery, Food, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, etc.

We offer our clients over 10,000 various types of elements and devices, most of which are available from the warehouse. The facilities of Automatyka Online are the manufacturers' warehouses with an area of over 2000 m².

We work with suppliers from all over the world, however, our native Polish producers remain the core, and thanks to systematic deliveries we ensure short delivery times.

We also offer comprehensive technical assistance and advice in the field of offered devices, as well as such important after-sales service.

In 2011, we launched our first online store, gaining further experience and expanding the area of operation. We trusted this form of contact with the customer, thanks to which in our store we offer not only a simple and transparent purchase process, but also full security of transactions.

In 2019, as a contracting company "MIK-BUD", meeting the needs of customers, we launched the production of compact control boxes: SpeeD-BoX (based on inverters) and StarT-BoX (based on softstarters) to provide customers with ready-made solutions to improve the operation of machinery and equipment and savings in terms of electricity consumption, which has a direct impact on such an important environmental protection - WE ARE PRO ECO !!!

Our clients' satisfaction is the most important matter for us, which is why we make every effort to ensure that orders are carried out quickly and the offered goods are of the highest quality. Thanks to the commitment of our professionals who are happy to give advice, shopping in our online store becomes pure pleasure.

We invite you to take advantage of our company's offer, hoping that cooperation with you will bring mutual benefits.


technical and sales department:

tel .: 662-004-315

Email: [email protected]

e-mail: [email protected]

e-shop: www.automatykao.pl

Allegro store: SpeeDBoXStarTBoX

Online Automation


Paweł Skóra

ul. Rynek 13

32-200 Miechów

NIP (tax identification number): 6591377141

REGON: 123150690

Bank account number: 63 2490 0005 0000 4530 4071 4601


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Universal SpeeD-BoX control boxes based on Eura Drives frequency converters for comprehensive cooperation with drive systems requiring smooth speed control of asynchronous motors.

So what is the SpeeD-BoX control box?

The SpeeD-BoX box is a device dedicated to control asynchronous motors. It is possible to control the motor directly by means of START - STOP buttons or by adjusting the speed by potentiometer by means of the Eura Drives frequency converter.

  • The use of the SpeeD-BoX IP65 control box protects the inverter against dirt and damage (high dustiness), flooding (high humidity, the possibility of splashing) and thus extends the life of the machines in use and ensures safe and efficient work for operators of the machines.
  • Control diagram included, legible descriptions, DTR, CE, Declaration of Conformity. It remains for the customer to plug the power and control cables under the legibly described terminal strips. Box equipped with cable glands for cable entry.
  • The use of the SpeeD-BoX control box based on Eura Drives frequency converters is undoubtedly an investment that pays off in a short time !!!

Intended use of the SpeeD-BoX control box:

  • control of asynchronous motors Start / Stop
  • asynchronous motor speed control
  • fan operation control
  • controlling the operation of conveyors, conveyors, conveyors
  • control of mills and crushers
  • in Start / Stop and speed regulation mode
  • pump control
  • control of linear systems
  • (using limit switches via the inverter's input / output)
  • control of vibratory feeders
  • many other applications with asynchronous motors

What the customer receives after purchasing SpeeD-BoX TM control boxes:

  • a complete SpeeD-BoX TM box ready to work with your drive
  • IP65 tightness guaranteeing protection against dusting and splashing
  • Eura Drives inverter programmed for your applications
  • declaration of conformity
  • complete documentation needed for commissioning and wiring diagram
  • user manual in Polish
  • help at the first start
  • technical support throughout the warranty period (24 months)

Technical specification of SpeeD-BoX control boxes:

  • range of available powers from 0.25 to 90kW {KW}
  • IP65 housing: powder coated steel {B}, thermosetting {T} or stainless steel INOX {I} (suitable size {OB})
  • Eura Drives frequency converters
  • single-phase 230 VAC {1F} or three-phase 3 x 400 VAC {3F}
  • main power switch (suitable power) cutting off voltage for safe access to the box.
  • STOP ENERGY safety button for emergency / immediate stop of the drive
  • STOP> START pen button for smooth start and stop of the drive
  • external keyboard with display {K} or potentiometer {P} for manual regulation of the rotational speed of the drive.
  • LED indicator lights: green (WORK), red (STOP)
  • cable glands (of appropriate diameter) to insert the power cable and into the motor.
  • overcurrent protection (of adequate power) for short-circuit protection.
  • all internal connections lead out to a legibly described terminal strip
  • scalar control VVVF (E800 inverters) {S} or vector (E2000 inverters) {W}
  • output frequency 0.5 Hz ~ 650 Hz
  • full range of working temperature without power reduction - from -10oC to + 50Oc

  • SpeeD-BoX TM
  • We specialize in industries that require comprehensive solutions for their needs:

Energy industry

Machine manufacturers

Ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration

Agriculture and food industry

Our devices ensure the satisfaction of customer needs, increasing the performance of the application while reducing costs associated with saving energy consumed and have a direct impact on environmental protection.

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manufacturer, broker, distributor, service provider

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RYNEK 13/1, 32-200 Miechów





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