Max Service Bud
Babie Doły, 00-000 GDYNIA
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Max Service Bud
TAX ID9581500794
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Babie Doły, 00-000 GDYNIA


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MAX-SERWIS-BUD Wojciech Machola


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ul. Rybaków 4/6, 81-197 Gdynia





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sole proprietorship Registration Date



Wojciech Machola

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43.99.Z - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing


4.8/ 5.0
Based on 5 reviews
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Iza Gdynia 2022-01-17 21:09:10
Solid and verbal, which is now a rarity, advises well. He assembled the kitchen furniture very carefully and planted the door for me, it would be 5 stars, but I did not give it because the precious P. it is quite high, but on the other hand I am very happy, it is better to give more for solid work than cheaper and then to complain. I have to add that others know that this specialist is really well prepared, I saw that he has the equipment for everything :-) Regards
Max Service BudFeb 9, 2022
I am glad that you are satisfied and as for the price, I agree that it is better to give more and have it done once and properly than to pay pennies to anyone and get nervous, but it is not always expensive, it depends on the order and it was not easy for you. greetings
Kazimierz.K P.Ostrzycki 2021-12-26 05:49:05
Good morning. P. Wojtek asked me to give an opinion on his work which he did in my home, tz. kitchen renovation he made. I will say briefly P. Wojtek is worth recommending, although he does not know everything because there were a few small doubts as to what to do, but P. Wojtek quickly consulted with friends from the industry how to deal with the problem and in a moment the problem disappeared. there was a problem as to the quality, great as I wanted according to the suggestions and the prices are affordable and you can always get along in my case P. Wojtek was understanding and honest, the only downside, but not related to work, is that P. Wojtek does not care about his health LESS COFFEE AND CIGARETTES BECAUSE THE MAN WILL NOT PULL ON IT FOR A LONG. GREETINGS. KAZIMIERZ.K SPRAY
Max Service BudJan 14, 2022
Sometimes you need to spend more time working coffee reduces hunger and cigarettes stress and nerves, sometimes you have to do that, but not always. Thank you for your opinions.
aneta 2021-12-19 07:20:50
Hello to all who are looking for a good professional, until the last moment I was convinced that there would be one star, but everything ended very well. Namely, P. Wojtek made a bathroom for us from very expensive tiles, etc., the work was very complicated because everything had to be done anew and the time was limited due to the fact that I had to leave and rent the apartment, until almost the last day everything was unfinished, but it was not my fault P. Wojtek only that due to the wrongly estimated time for execution, but P. Wojtek was so stubborn 2 days before the end of the so-called collection that he did not have to do almost 24 hours, but he decided himself and the bathroom was ready on time, so if someone needs a miracle, I recommend P. Wojtek and do not worry that it is expensive because it is worth the price, now it is a rarity but the quality costs money. Regards Aneta from Gdańsk
Andrzej Struga 2020-09-09 17:58:35
A very conscientious specialist, he renovated my kitchen and I am positively surprised, I was only afraid of making an advance payment before starting the work, but not unnecessarily, Mr. Wojtek made the contract and the work was done according to the schedule that was on the contract, although it was slipping personally, but it was due to construction complications and my mentions on the current added, Mr. Wojtek is not a cheap specialist but worth recommending.
Max Service BudJan 14, 2022
What can I say, what quality is the price, I know that I do my job well and this is associated with the price because I do not like to return 10 times to correct some work, better to do it once and for all. Thank you greetings.
Mariusz Nowak 2020-08-31 11:48:53
A very good conscientious and reliable specialist - together with his employee, they changed the plumbing and sewage installations at my house and installed the boiler with the entire electrical installation in a newly arranged utility room. I definitely recommend it, Mr. Wojtek 💪👍
Max Service BudJan 14, 2022
Without exaggeration, I just do my job as best I can so that it is good, not that someone will say that it can be, it must be good. Best wishes.
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