Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKT
ul. Niemiecka 11, 64-100 Leszno
TAX ID6972167601
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Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKT
TAX ID6972167601
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ul. Niemiecka 11, 64-100 Leszno

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service provider

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Company removed from CEIDG 4 Apr 2021 y.

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Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKT


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Gronowska 47, 64-100 Leszno





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sole proprietorship Registration Date



Sebastian Łubniewski

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Pkd codes

41.10.Z - Realization of building projects related to erection of buildings

41.20.Z - Building works related to erection of residential and non-residential buildings

42.11.Z - Works related to construction of roads and motorways

43.31.Z - Plastering

43.32.Z - Joinery installation

43.33.Z - Floor and wall covering

43.34.Z - Painting and glazing

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing

43.91.Z - Roofing activities


5/ 5.0
Based on 6 reviews
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Jarek m 2022-04-28 07:06:50
Mega good job - Jarek Mazurek best regards
Michał Przybysz 2021-02-20 22:20:23
It is also with great pleasure that I give a well deserved positive comment. The bathroom division in my tenement house after years of inheritance in a very poor condition in Poznań was a really big challenge and a big responsibility. I couldn't find a contractor for a long time, either they made an appointment and disappeared or they gave such prices that I would quit myself. I got a number to Seb, he came to watch, he calculated the amount that was not an attempted theft in broad daylight. 6 people 2.5 months and the matter is settled. I invested all the money in this tenement house with Seba, we got along without any problems, he did not collect any advance payments for labor, at least from me. I only donated money for the goods, a significant amount sealed with the contract - settled down to a penny. The knockout effect of the project was ready, but I did not think it would be so well done and that it would look like a hotel bathroom with at least 4 stars. At the end, I asked what, apart from the agreed amount, I could do Seba for you - because I felt it was right, he replied - Michał if at least one person from your recommendation would ask me for a service, I would be very grateful. For doubters, I leave an email ********** I can share, show photos of the work done. Thank you Seba, greetings to you and the whole team
Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKTFeb 22, 2021
Well hi ... thank you very much :) at your service, Mr. Michał
Anna Posadzy 2021-02-04 22:23:20
The bathroom has been renovated from scratch. Sebastian's team quickly cleaned the room, I was not worried about anything. I chose only tiles, a shower and lights for the suspended ceiling. I showed a sketch how it should look like and that's it. The end result is better than I could have expected. We settled the money paid for the goods at the end of work without any problems. Very good price for everything! The only drawback is the time, because the work took 7 days longer, but it was worth waiting. I highly recommend a high level contractor at a good price. Greetings
Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKTFeb 22, 2021
Thank you and best regards :)
Jarosław Dudziński 2021-02-01 08:49:37
Reliable subcontractor. From the entrusted money for the goods needed for the order, he settled every penny. Trustworthy. I recommend cooperation
Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKTFeb 3, 2021
Thank you and best regards :)
Agnieszka Marciniak 2021-01-28 21:36:43
I bought a house in a developer standard, I asked Mr. Sebastian for a turnkey finish - I got a contact on the recommendation of a friend. It took 4 weeks to finish the house, a bit long, but that's the only thing you can complain about. The quality of the work performed at a high level. I am also very pleased with the valuation. I am waiting for an appointment to renovate my sister's house :) I definitely recommend it!
Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKTFeb 3, 2021
Thank you very much and see you :)
Adam Kornatowski 2021-01-25 20:48:31
My order to finish the house in the developer standard was carried out as expected - with great accuracy, for which I thank you very much and I will certainly recommend it. There was no problem to get along with Mr. Sebastian, whether regarding the settlement or also with my ideas, already underway. I recommend it again, a trustworthy contractor!
Sebastian Łubniewski ŁUBNIEWSKI PROJEKTJan 29, 2021
Thank you kindly for your positive comment .. I am very happy that everything is ok .. Regards Sebastian
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