ul. Merkuriusza Polskiego 35, 30-698 Kraków
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TAX ID6793116202
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ul. Merkuriusza Polskiego 35, 30-698 Kraków

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Medical and sanitary transport - Transporting patients by ambulance

Have you ever been dissatisfied with the ordered transport? The ambulance was dirty, not equipped, and the service was unpleasant and late? We have good news for you - you never have to go through it again! In a moment I will tell you what is our way of successful transport of patients, which impresses with its quality and gives them a sense of security and comfort. Over 520 families have already found out that it really works!

A long, long time ago we started working as a "medic" in various transport companies. Young, full of faith in their missions, filled with scenes of the heroic fight of the stars of medical series, we went to work to help.

Completed studies, schools and courses gave us the belief that what we do will be appreciated by patients. And this time ... Patients very quickly showed us that it is not good in those companies. Constant comments about lateness, lack of specialized equipment or poor technical condition of ambulances are just the top of the iceberg. This is not what we expected ...

Frustration grew for months, eventually reaching its peak.


This was quite a start for LIBERANDUM MEDICAL RESCUE. We decided that our company will be different, unique, that its foundation will be the patient's good, comfort and safety. We couldn't imagine a job well done without complete customer satisfaction.

"EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, ON TIME" - This is our motto. And what will you get from it?


We will carry out transport for you regardless of the patient's state of health. Our ambulances are large and spacious Mercedes Sprinters. Inside, we have a small intensive therapy at their disposal - their equipment is identical to that in specialist ambulances (former "eRkach"). Well-trained employees are able to protect you or a person close to you in accordance with the highest world standards.


You can go anywhere with us. Everywhere in Krakow, Poland or Europe. From the hospital to the home, from home to the hospital or a specialist clinic, and even to a bank, office or family meeting. Our teams have already been to Warsaw and Suwałki, Slovakia, Ukraine or Romania. It may seem to you that the transport you need is strange - I assure you we've probably done it. Flexible solutions combined with experience give the best results. We will individually consider your situation, check which solutions will give you satisfaction and meet your needs. We will use them to make you happy with the order!


Regardless of whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, holiday or weekend, we are ready to carry out transports. All day and 365 days a year. By using proven methods, we have brought our punctuality to perfection. Your order will not be an exception here. Specially to save your time we will take into account variables such as traffic, the number of patients in outpatient clinics or the distance to be covered.

"Professionalism is never a coincidence. Passion breeds professionalism, professionalism gives quality and quality is luxury" Jacek Walkiewicz

Real patient transport is not a route from A to B, it is an integral part of treatment. When others drive, we help them recover. We know well how stress can hinder healing processes and minimize it to a minimum. It is comfort and safety that affects satisfaction, so we will not allow the patient to be exposed to cold driving or without seat belts, and his accompanying person stood all the way over him. We always allow the presence of an accompanying person, because we appreciate the contribution of family and loved ones in the treatment of the sick. We know that it is tiring for hours to wait for the return home, so we do not allow it.

When you realize that our ambulance is clean and safe, that well-prepared staff with professional equipment is watching over you, then you will thank you in your heart for your choice. You will stop asking yourself whether it is safe or whether it should be like that and that is what we deserve. With us, despite the stressful situation which is the disease, you will feel the most important in the world.

When you see how much time you got "for free" then you will understand that seemingly the same transport can be a good investment in yourself or your family. You will stop worrying whether you will make it and waste your time in the hospital waiting room, and start enjoying the effects of treatment, using them in the time saved among the most important people - your loved ones.

A medical dispatcher is always at your disposal. During the conversation with him you will probably find answers to all your questions, even those you have no idea about now. You can discuss all the details with him, find out who exactly will come in the team and how to prepare for the ride. You will also be able to find out how much such unique transport costs.

ONLY ONE QUESTION REMAINS: Do you want to be special and get well or are you satisfied with driving an ambulance?

You probably already know the answer.

My name is Krzysztof Ślusarczyk,

I am the owner of Liberandum Emergency Medical Service.

Let us take you on a transport that will be like a first class flight.

Go ahead, please contact me.

24/7 telephone at which we accept transport notifications:

+48 500 488 338


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