Kąkol Przemysław - Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe
Krotoszyn 54, 88-190 Barcin
TAX ID5561208982
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Kąkol Przemysław - Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe
TAX ID5561208982
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Krotoszyn 54, 88-190 Barcin

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We are a company operating on the plastics market. We deal with comprehensive production of stretch film and we run a packaging warehouse. However, we are still expanding the range we offer, not forgetting the high quality of services and attractive prices.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our wide offer in which you will find, among others:

- stretch film in customized size, stretch and thickness
- other materials that protect objects against physical damage, such as bubble wrap, PE foam, corrugated board
- security tapes (PP, WG) and accessories necessary for their use
- paper items and cleaning cloths
- utility chemistry
- articles for interior and car body care
- catering products (cutlery, containers, cups, aluminum foil and food, etc.)
- adhesive tapes
- cartons
- waste bags, bags, HDPE bags

We guarantee high quality of our services and fast implementation.

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Krotoszyn 54, 88-190 Krotoszyn





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sole proprietorship

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Krotoszyn 54, 88-190 Krotoszyn


Przemysław Kąkol

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Pkd codes

13.92.Z - Manufacture of made-up textile articles

14.13.Z - Manufacture of other outerwear

17.29.Z - Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard

18.13.Z - Pre-press and pre-media services

22.21.Z - Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles

22.22.Z - Manufacture of plastic packing goods

22.29.Z - Manufacture of other plastic products

31.09.Z - Manufacture of other furniture

32.40.Z - Manufacture of games and toys

46.16.Z - Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods

46.18.Z - Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products

46.19.Z - Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

46.41.Z - Wholesale of textiles

46.44.Z - Wholesale of china, ceramics and glassware and cleaning materials

46.47.Z - Wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting equipment

46.76.Z - Wholesale of other intermediate products

46.90.Z - Non-specialised wholesale trade

47.51.Z - Retail sale of textiles in specialised stores

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

49.41.Z - Freight transport by road

52.10.B - Warehousing and storage of other goods

52.29.C - Other transportation agencies activities

59.14.Z - Motion picture projection activities

59.20.Z - Sound recording and music publishing activities

62.02.Z - Computer consultancy activities

63.12.Z - Web portals

63.91.Z - News agency activities

63.99.Z - Other information service activities not elsewhere classified

68.20.Z - Rental and operating of own or leased real estate

70.21.Z - Public relations and communication activities

70.22.Z - Business and other management consultancy activities

72.20.Z - Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

73.12.A - Intermediation in the sale of time and place on advertising aims in the radio and television

73.12.B - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in printed media

73.12.C - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in electronic media (Internet)

73.12.D - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in other media

73.20.Z - Market research and public opinion polling

74.10.Z - Specialised design activities

74.20.Z - Photographic activities

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

77.11.Z - Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles

78.10.Z - Activities of employment placement agencies

79.11.B - Tour middlemen activities

79.12.Z - Tour operator activities

79.90.C - Other reservation service activities not elsewhere classified

82.30.Z - Organisation of conventions and trade shows

90.01.Z - Performing arts activities

90.02.Z - Support activities to performing arts

93.19.Z - Other sports activities

93.21.Z - Activities of amusement parks and theme parks

96.09.Z - Other personal service activities not elsewhere classified


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