GrupaDsa Sebastian Dąbrowski
wolności 16, 44-178 Przyszowice
TAX ID9691487675
Phone+48 508 305 389
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GrupaDsa Sebastian Dąbrowski
TAX ID9691487675
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wolności 16, 44-178 Przyszowice

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+48 508 305 389

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We deal with car upholstery cleaning services, sofas, sofas, rugs, children's and other car seats, polishing headlamps in the Śląskie and Opolskie voivodships in private homes, apartments, companies, auto-commissiones, and car mechanics.

The method we use for washing and cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstery furniture is so-called extraction method. It consists in spraying the solution of water and cleaning agent over the cleaned fabric and then sucking it out. Dirt and dirt are thus dissolved and removed. Remaining little moisture quickly evaporates from the cleaned carpet, liner or upholstery. This method thoroughly cleans carpets, floor coverings and furniture upholstery without allowing them to be soaked. Cleaning agents that we use for washing and cleaning are only of the highest quality, specially selected for the fabric being cleaned. They leave a smell, a feeling of freshness and purity. These means have all the required certificates and technical certificates. They are safe for people and animals. They do not cause allergies or irritation

Satisfaction and satisfaction with the results of our work are our motto. We care about our clients and we want them to always come back to us, which is why we approach each project individually. Out of respect for the customer, we adjust the working hours to your needs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, use our services and join the ranks of satisfied and regular customers.


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  • Cleaning and washing car upholstery

We know that it is difficult to ensure order and cleanliness in our beloved cars. In the car we spend every day from a few minutes to a few hours, so it's worth spending this time in clean and pleasant conditions. The interior of the car is exposed to many types of dirt, dust, mud, snow, drinks, chocolate, cookies, sticks, etc. We will be happy to help you clean up your cars so that you can joyfully enter them every day.

  • Washing the sofa-couch-corner-mattresses, etc.

Sofas - couches - corners are our most used furniture in our homes. Thanks to that, they often undergo various soils (coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, sweat, dust, our pets' fur).

These impurities make our furniture change beyond recognition and lose their original beauty, becoming a habitat of microorganisms.

It is worth to ensure a comfortable and safe rest and sleep on our furniture without stains and mites.

  • Washing of carpet and carpets

Carpets and carpets have embellished our homes and institutions for a long time, give the right atmosphere and give a feeling of warmth inside. They often get dirty by a spilled drink, our pets' fur, a small child. In the past, hand cleaning was done at home, but unfortunately it did not have the proper effect, because the dirt was torn into fibers. The only valid method is to use the extraction method.

  • Cleaning leather upholstery

Leather upholstery in a car or home is one of the determinants of luxury. Often when we choose them, we are guided not only by functionality but also by a beautiful appearance. For the skin to be a beautiful element in our cars or apartments, it should be cleaned and maintained in order to provide a beautiful look.

  • Polishing headlights

Headlamps in our cars in the late 90's began to be made of plastic. Very often on our roads we see cars with milk headlights. Of course, it is very dangerous, because such a reflector in a significant way loses its function to illuminate the road. Replacing headlamps with new ones often involves high costs. It is worth this part to be polished and restore its former function.

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96.01.Z - Washing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur products

43.21.Z - Electrical installation

45.20.Z - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles

77.11.Z - Rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles

81.21.Z - General cleaning of buildings

81.22.Z - Specialised building and industrial cleaning activities

81.29.Z - Other cleaning activities


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patka nowak 2020-06-12 08:23:41
Washing car upholstery and waxing for a second time with Mr. Sebastian - professionally and at an affordable price, there is the "wow" effect I will definitely use it again, I highly recommend it !!!

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