Szkółka roślin ozdobnych Sawanna
Jabłonna-Majątek 120, 23-114 Jabłonna-Majątek
TAX ID7132343663
Phone+48 505 302 413
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Szkółka roślin ozdobnych Sawanna
TAX ID7132343663
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Jabłonna-Majątek 120, 23-114 Jabłonna-Majątek

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+48 505 302 413



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Nursery of decorative plants

The Savannah Nursery is located in Jabłonna about 18 km south of Lublin towards Biłgoraj, from the early eighties. We cultivate land and pot ornamental plants. The main branches of production are conifers (including conifers on the trunk), hostas, deciduous shrubs, narcissi and tulips. Cuttings of conifers and plants reproduce in a vegetative way, thanks to which we are sure how the adult plants look like. There will be no surprises, so we will not grow our own varieties, but customers will always get what they expect. High quality of plants requires that all be regularly watered, fertilized and pruned. The good quality of soils in Jabłonna ensures that the thuja (thuja vera) from the ground is of the highest quality. At the same time, in response to market expectations, we produce plants in pots, available all year round. In our nursery we never transplant plants from the ground into pots, that's why potted plants have a developed root system, thanks to which they grow quickly after planting in the target place.

Garden design

Planning and designing gardens is our passion, what we share with our clients. We have the will and the opportunity to set up gardens both from our own cuttings and from entrusted ones. We can clean the plot after construction, prepare the concept of planting plants, draw up a garden design and complete the whole work.

Exposition of plants

In the nursery of decorative plants you can see, among others:

- rock garden with an area of approximately 1000 m2
- bare cut hedge of the Brabant variety, established in 1989,
- cut hedge of Brabant corms, founded in 1999,
- cut hedge of the Smaragd varieties, year 2008,
- non-cut Hedge Hive Columna, year 2007,
- Lawsonian cypress tree formation (money form), year of formation 2004,
- clipped hedges from boxwood, founded in 1996,
- formed boxwood (money form), 15 years old,
- Conica white spruce, 20 years old,

- azaleas, 20 years old.

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manufacturer, service provider

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Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne "SAWANNA" Anna Sawa


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Jabłonna-Majątek 120, 23-114 Jabłonna-Majątek





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sole proprietorship Registration Date


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Jabłonna-Majątek 120, 23-114 Jabłonna-Majątek


Anna Sawa

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10.71.Z - Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes

47.24.Z - Retail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery in specialised stores

47.29.Z - Other retail sale of food in specialised stores

47.78.Z - Other retail sale of new goods in specialised stores

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

47.99.Z - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

63.99.Z - Other information service activities not elsewhere classified

81.30.Z - Landscape service activities

85.59.B - Other out-of-school forms of education, not elsewhere classified

85.60.Z - Educational support activities



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