Glam Events&Lifestyle Agnieszka Szudzińska
Baraniaka 88E/F,, 61-131 Poznań
TAX ID7822101593
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Glam Events&Lifestyle Agnieszka Szudzińska
TAX ID7822101593
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Baraniaka 88E/F,, 61-131 Poznań

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GLAM Events & Lifestyle is the organizer of corporate events operating throughout Poland, based in Poznan. The team consists of specialists in the field of Business Tourism, Public Relations, Psychology, and Dietetics.

The enormous experience gained in organizing various types of events means that we can offer our clients unconventional and original solutions. We strive to create an offer that corresponds to the specific communication needs of each company, striving to ensure that all participants treat the meetings as an educating adventure.

We strive to shape and promote healthy lifestyle and nutrition during all events organized by us.

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77.40.Z - Leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except copyrighted works

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79.12.Z - Tour operator activities

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93.19.Z - Other sports activities

96.04.Z - Physical well-being activities



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