Fundacja "Akademia Zdrowych Pleców"
Bohdana Zaleskiego 49/6, 31-525 Kraków
TAX ID6762394897
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Fundacja "Akademia Zdrowych Pleców"
TAX ID6762394897
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Bohdana Zaleskiego 49/6, 31-525 Kraków

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  • shaping the right attitudes of society towards their own health and children's health. The Healthy Back Foundation is an initiative brought to life by a group of people gathered around a theme devoted to children and youth in order to conduct educational activities in the field of spine protection. This protection applies to the broadly understood prophylaxis and therapy of spine diseases.
  • supporting all those who have faced more difficult reality and can not deal with it emotionally as well as financially. Our mission is to make every effort to ensure that children diagnosed with scoliosis after a time of pain and suffering regain a smile that is the best motivation for our AZP Foundation for further work and the greatest reward! We are especially sensitive to the tragedies of children who remain completely vulnerable to an accident or illness. Our ambition is to effectively fight for their normal and happy childhood. We want you to always smile on the faces of all children regardless of the circumstances. We want to reach people of good will, governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to obtain funds necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of our Foundation. We are convinced that we need determination and stubbornness to help all those who really need it, support them in treatment, rehabilitation, fulfillment of dreams and plans for the future.

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service provider

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Fundacja "AKADEMIA ZDROWYCH PLECÓW" na Rzecz Profilaktyki i Rehabilitacji Dzieci z Wadami Postawy

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KR.XI NS-REJ.KRS/2250/17/971


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47.73.Z - Dispensing chemist in specialised stores

47.74.Z - Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised stores

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

78.30.Z - Other human resources provision

82.99.Z - Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified

86.10.Z - Hospital activities

86.2 - Medical and dental practice activities

86.21.Z - General medical practice activities

86.90.A - Physiotherapeutical activities

86.90.B - Emergency ambulance activities

86.90.C - Nurses and midwives activities

86.90.D - Paramedical activities

86.90.E - Other human health activities notelsewhere classified

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representation authorityFoundation Board
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Chairman of the board of trustees represents the Foundation outside and directs its activities in matters of financial obligations including the acting vice president. To make declarations of will on behalf of the foundation is entitled CEO along with the vice president.


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