Fizjoterapia Bytom
Batorego 12/1, 41-908 Bytom
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Fizjoterapia Bytom
TAX ID6262877954
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Batorego 12/1, 41-908 Bytom

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Hello, my name is Rafał Dmochowski. I am a happy husband and a father of three children. By education and passion physiotherapist - I graduated from the Medical University of Silesia with a bachelor's diploma in physiotherapy, and 2 years later at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice I defended my master's thesis. From the beginning of my adventure with physiotherapy, I was passionate about the broadly understood development and rehabilitation of children. This resulted in the completion of one of the most valuable courses in neurodevelopmental therapy of children of NDT-Bobath and the best neurological diagnosis of the newborn children of General Movements according to Prechtl. I bring my own experience as a father to work with children, but also knowledge and experience gained from courses, trainings and professional work, among others in the Rehabilitation and Education and Educative Center in Bytom, where I conducted an early intervention point.

FUNCTIONAL REHABILITATION OF ADULTS Orthopedic rehabilitation: chronic and acute pain syndromes chronic and acute pain in the peripheral joints pain resulting from sprains and joint dislocations states after fractures overload states muscle weakness changes degenerative postoperative states Sports rehabilitation: treatment of all injuries, sports injuries pain relief fast recovery of movement fitness after injuries work on the correct neuromuscular coordination prevention of injuries prophylaxis preparing for training loads Neurological rehabilitation in brain strokes at damage to the roots, strands and peripheral nerves disturbances of balance sensory disorder

NEOR-CORROSIVE REHABILITATION OF NEWBORS If you plan to have or have born a baby, and you are uncertain about how to nurture, lift, carry, check whether your child develops in the right way. I will help you learn how to nurture a baby from the first days of his birth. I will tell you what aspects of your child's life will determine the proper psychophysical development.

I invite you for consultations of parents who noticed, among others such behaviors in your children: bending your head backwards clenching your hands into a fist turning your head mainly to one side positioning asymmetry strong and stiff shoulder elevation Contact necessarily if the pediatrician observed: reduced muscle tone - hypotonia limited antigravity activity genetic defects perinatal hypoxia other developmental abnormalities Trust me and let me provide your child's physiotherapeutic care.

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