ul. Nowy Świat 16/4, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój
TAX ID7352514003
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TAX ID7352514003
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ul. Nowy Świat 16/4, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój

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ul. Nowy Świat 16/4, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój





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sole proprietorship Registration Date


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ul. Nowy Świat 16/4, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój



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Pkd codes

46.19.Z - Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

43.31.Z - Plastering

43.32.Z - Joinery installation

43.33.Z - Floor and wall covering

43.34.Z - Painting and glazing

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing

43.91.Z - Roofing activities

43.99.Z - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

46.73.Z - Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

46.74.Z - Wholesale of hardware and plumbing and heating equipment and supplies

46.75.Z - Wholesale of chemical products

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

47.99.Z - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

49.31.Z - Urban and suburban passenger land transport

49.39.Z - Other passenger land transport not elsewhere classified

49.41.Z - Freight transport by road

49.42.Z - Removal services

64.92.Z - Other credit granting

64.99.Z - Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding not elsewhere classified

66.19.Z - Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

68.31.Z - Real estate agencies

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

73.20.Z - Market research and public opinion polling

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified



4.9/ 5.0
Based on 70 reviews
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I’m No7 2022-04-27 17:34:33
'Positive cooperation' (There was no problem with establishing cooperation in the field of financing. Agreement on clear and transparent terms, the broker took care of small details in order to select the best offer.) I highly recommend the company! 5/5 POSITIVE!
Karol P. 2022-04-21 11:04:32
I recommend it because I got here on recommendation as well. All unnecessary formalities are quickly and professionally handled. Cultural contact and promised advice and financing at the highest level
Kristofer 2022-04-07 10:22:56
I recommend the company. They operate on simple and quick, but at the same time proven principles. The costs of consultancy paid back when the contract was signed on the terms and conditions agreed in the form of a granted and cheaper loan. I am a satisfied customer. I didn't have to deal with anything myself and the waiting time was very quick, forewarned by good contact and extensive information on a regular basis.
[email protected] 2022-04-05 17:18:12
Mir Ins. 2022-04-05 17:14:04
The company is also financial. Quick implementation of the contract and favorable terms of cooperation as well as a nice and fruitful conversation plus professional advice is the highest quality service that I have been able to experience in recent times. I RECOMMEND THE COMPANY VERY MUCH AND THANK YOU! ! ! €
Firmowi Pl 2022-04-03 09:27:52
10/10 I recommend the company in every respect
ON Kierowca 2022-04-01 19:58:53
I recommend 10/10
MAYO 2022-03-30 10:06:00
I recommend and thank you very much for the nice and successful cooperation
Artur Bb 2022-03-27 15:24:58
I recommend that I checked and I know that it is a very profitable financial service company
Agnieszka P. 2022-03-24 00:34:59
I made a prepayment commission to the broker //// despite my difficult situation in creditworthiness, I managed to find financing for me. This is probably the only company where you can get a loan with negative entries in the databases. Honest and reliable person. A very helpful company. RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!
Daniel Go. 2022-03-22 20:27:29
This perfect company of financial consultancy and credit intermediation is run by professionals who are worth cooperating with because they have extensive experience. I informed in a short interview what I needed to receive a tailored offer that meets my expectations. 100% recommend
Osoba Prywatna klient Z.A. 2022-03-22 18:10:22
XD: I recommend and thank you for your help honest company and Mr. Krystian is a verbal, cultured and helpful person, trustworthy with good and sincere intentions. The financing was quick, successful and, most importantly, positive in my opinion.
Goodbud s.c. 2022-03-22 17:12:33
"5/5 ... honest and reliable company, I only have good experience with it ... that's why I recommend it with a clear conscience ..."
Mirosław Rdz. 2022-03-22 16:52:07
The commission is paid and the matter is taken care of as always! / Also thank you for your help in financing my project. Comments written for a year, however, speak for themselves. Honest, reliable and fast as always with full commitment / Thank you and I sincerely recommend!
Karina 2022-03-22 09:45:20
I was deceived by Mr. Krystian. Don't send him any money! You will not get anything in return.
In recent years, many noteworthy companies with a very diverse business profile have appeared on the non-bank loan market. There is no shortage of various types of alternatives, a loan for those in debt or people in the databases does not always mean financing your liabilities, despite the high confidence in providing financial support, everyone has a different financial situation and usually incurring another commitment may already exceed your financial possibilities. Not everyone can be helped and no company is responsible for your obligations and entries in the databases. There will always be someone dissatisfied with a few satisfied customers, it is usually a person who rather wants to extort a loan without intending to repay it, then the borrower may refuse to grant you a loan without giving a reason, as it was in this case. Please provide truthful information and do not make mistakes in order to gain financial benefits. Then there will be no problems with concluding the contract. Greetings and we invite you to cooperate in the future
PERSONA No 3 2022-03-11 14:04:28
To Samo 5/5 was never a problem with anything. A very solid company as well as cooperating people
?NŚ ON 2022-03-05 07:53:35
I would like to share my opinion on a successful, fruitful and helpful cooperation with a reliable and honest service company. A helpful and cultural financial intermediary 5/5 cannot be otherwise
Agata 2022-02-28 12:48:00
Recommend 10/10!
Adam G 2022-02-09 17:09:03
I recommend / complete service and full advice / positive and fast
MARKO G. 2022-02-05 09:40:33
Super efficient, reliable and professional. Despite the problems with finances and the refusal of the bank, the company helped faster than I thought. Nice and honest conversation about details, helpful advice and a positive settlement of the matter. I am satisfied and I really recommend it.
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