ul. Ogrodowa 20, 66-008 Świdnica
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TAX ID9730088472
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ul. Ogrodowa 20, 66-008 Świdnica

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The company FHU "Sobkowiak" mainly deals with the use of classic stoves and tiled kitchens, placed in accordance with traditional Zduńska art, as man-friendly and healthy main sources of heating (one room, several rooms or heating the whole house), preparing tasty meals and producing hot water usable. The essence of our action is that one elaborate tile device satisfies all heating and gastronomic needs of the whole apartment or house. When this is not feasible, then we are looking for a solution with two or even three tile devices that will cooperate with each other in comfortably heating the whole flat (building) and ensuring the preparation of delicious dishes, while producing hot utility water and sanitary water for the needs of the household. Whenever possible, tile devices are designed in such a way that they are completely independent of external media (electricity, gas) and - in case of their unexpected shortage - ensure, in all even extreme conditions, the comfortable existence of the whole family in the warmth, with good food and the opportunity to bathe and wash the dishes. The tiled and designed tile devices we design are completely self-sufficient for a comfortable living with them and do not need any maintenance-free devices such as gas, oil or electric boilers to help, unless there is such an investor's wish. Furnaces having water exchangers are connected to each one without exception of the hydraulic installation. There are also made stoves, stools and several platform relaxation stoves, as well as more or less complex tiled complexes combining the functionality of several tile devices. We make the most unusual and complex tiled projects. Tiled stoves are built in tenements, traditional houses, energy-saving with recuperation (with direct air supply from the outside to the furnace). We offer open and open fireplaces allowing direct contact with burning fire. They can be equipped with an electric spit, grill. They are also available in a corner version, open on three sides, and even four (free standing). They can be used in energy-saving buildings. We have tiles from 20 tiles. We create individual, colorful, sized projects. Tiled devices are made throughout the country and abroad. All heating devices can be purchased in a convenient installment system. We are open to cooperation with architects, companies building turnkey houses, contractors of tile devices.


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In the sale offer:

- fireplace inserts (for wood, pellets, gas)

- fireplace inserts and wood-burning stoves on wood equipped with the Heat Remembrance System, extending their heat release time to the environment of more than 9 hours at one firebox loading (reduction by 2/3 of heating costs compared to a heating device without this system)

- wood burning stoves equipped with the Xtra Heat Memory System, which allows more than 12 hours of heat storage slowly discharging into the environment. During burning in the stove (2 loads of 4.5 kg) only 9 kg of wood, the stove gives off heat for over 16 hours from the moment of lighting

- fireplace stoves (wood, coal, pellets, gas)

- fireplace boilers (wood, pellets), cartridges with a water cap

- heating cassettes

- coal and wood kitchens, stoves with a fire or oven

- elegant electric, gas and wood kitchens (in sets identical in color and style)

- modern, elegant kitchens for pellets with an oven or additionally expanded, in one housing, with an induction hob and a second electric oven, automatic cooking, baking and air heating centers for whole houses (also energy-saving)

- an elegant automatic pellet thermo-cupboard, adapted to be built into kitchen furniture, designed to be attached to a modern central heating installation

- portable kitchens and tiled stoves with or without an oven (in option: with coil), made in traditional Zduńska technology, including portable retro tiled kitchen on cast iron curved legs (in option: also with coil)

- portable carbon tiled kitchens with an oven and a water heating insert that allows you to heat a flat (cottage) up to 70 sq m, made in traditional technology. They have a summer and winter grate. They are intended primarily for tenements, in which the chimney sweep only allows the installation of a tiled kitchen

- portable bedroom tiled stoves made in accordance with the art of Zduńska

- kitchen boilers (coal, wood), wood heaters (including a modern pellet thermo-grinder with automatic combustion process, heating the building up to 120m2 by water and flow preparation of hot water), thermo-plastics for wood and coal connected to the water system ( also for pellets, heating buildings up to 270m2 by water and preparing hot water)

- central heating boilers for solid fuels

- solid fuel stoves for air heating

- various finished system chimneys

- biofireplaces

- electric fireplaces

- tiles from 20 tiles

- colorful flexible joints for tiles (22 colors)

- all metal fittings for the kitchen and tile stoves

- coils (horseshoes, bricks) for preparing hot water, high-power water exchangers for tiled kitchens and tiled tile stoves connected to water installations every

- wood-fired oven - modern culinary devices enabling the preparation of healthy and delicious dishes comparable in taste with baked products obtained from a real bread oven

- ready-made ovens for pizza of various sizes for wood, gas (internal and external). After 15-20 minutes you can use them. One pizza to cook for 1.5 minutes. Super economical in burning fuel, ideal for preparing whole dinners. You can grill in them.

- ready-made interior of bread and pizza ovens (12 types), very easy to assemble inside and outside the house

- bagged Canadian clay, stones from Zug.

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ul. Ogrodowa 20, 66-008 Świdnica


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