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TAX ID1182157907
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Łużycka, 6C, 05-092 Łomianki

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+48 509 467 346


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Online ecological store - Ekolubek, https://ekolubek.pl/

We founded the Ekolubek.pl store because we often had a problem finding healthy products that we were interested in. We took matters into our own hands and set up a store that will facilitate everyone's access to healthy ecological food - without unnecessary additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancers and more. Food without sugar, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

We offer certified organic products - you can be sure that you buy the best!

Often, organic products are more expensive than regular ones due to several reasons:

  • use of more expensive ingredients,
  • more expensive production methods,
  • a small number of buyers.

A mass producer, eg popular bars, thanks to many customers at a small margin will achieve a large profit. With rare products bought by conscious people, which are few (although more and more often ...), the producer must have a higher margin on every product to keep his label and high quality. Therefore, buy healthy food and encourage your friends to do it.

With ecology every day - choose products created in harmony with nature :)

Ekolubek shop encourages ecological behavior every day. Take care of your surroundings and if you can, choose unprocessed food. We try to do many things ourselves. We will share with you photos from our activities on Facebook, stay with us - follow us

  • We collect and dry herbs and flowers, both wild and from their own flower beds or pots (lemon balm, mint, basil, oregano, linden blossom, chamomile). We also dry fruits and vegetables (apples, pears, plums, grapes, tomatoes).
  • We make preserves without chemicals and preservatives. We use fruits and vegetables most willingly from family or farms where we know that there were no sprays or additional feed in the form of fertilizers. These fruits and vegetables may not be as beautiful as from the store but for that we are sure that they are healthy.
  • Plum jam and jam, strawberries, plums, cherries, peaches, aronia and pears. We often avoid using sugar and if sugar is not white then at least reed. You can use fructose, xylitol or honey for many things. We do not use so-called gelfixes, which contain, for example, potassium sorbate or evaporate water or jam, or if we use pectin and we have jam or jam.
  • We make our juices eg from tomatoes, and fruit syrups from raspberries, currants and cherries. Comptes (from strawberries, mirabelles, and greenclasses) also do not buy or drink ready-made drinks and pseudo juices from concentrate.
  • We make wine from fruit syrups. We also make wine from our grapes.
  • Of course, we also have pickled cucumbers, pickled beets (due to the wonderful juice) and sauerkraut especially during autumn and winter. I also make some vegetable salads in light vinegar and cucumbers, peppers and pumpkins in vinegar.
  • We collect and process mushrooms, most often we dry them or marinate them.
  • We make flavored oils based on olive oil using their herbs. Olive oil, oregano oil, rosemary oil or with the addition of hot peppers.

We try not only to use organic food but also to do it and live in harmony with nature. It is important to think about our land from which we live. We encourage you to an ecological lifestyle.

We work for you, we create and supply the best ecological products.

The Ekolubek store is for you. We know that not everyone can do organic food, you need a lot of time and you know that it is not easy now ... We strive to offer you healthy, certified and sought after products, and hard to reach. So if you have not found what you are interested in, please write to us and we will try to get it.


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Ecolubek online store is organic food, cosmetics and cleaning products.

There are many stores with a similar assortment but us is distinguished by an individual approach to the customer, if you need something unusual that is not in our offer, write to us or call us, we will try to get you. [email protected] or 509 46 73 46.

We have ecological and certified products from the category:

• Gluten-free diet https://ekolubek.pl/33-dieta-bezglutenowa

• Diabetic diet

• Liver diet

• Slimming diet

• Vegetarian diet

• Delicacies, nuts

• Rich in antioxidants

• Sugar, sweeteners, syrups

• Denmark almost ready

• For children

• For baked goods and desserts

• Jams, preserves

• Beans and other legumes

• Tea

• Food for travel

• Groats, cereals, rice

• Coffee

• Cosmetics

• Edible flowers

• Pasta

• Flour




• Drinks

• Seeds, seeds and other dried ones

• Oils and vinegars

• Flakes, muesli, grain

• Products with hyperacidity

• Snacks, sweets

• Preparations, sauces, pastes

• Spices


• Juices

• Salt

• Dietary supplements, vitamins

• Cleaning products

• W / g component

• Coffee substitutes

• Alcohol mix


• Herbs, herbal teas

• Eco food

• Freeze-dried food

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