Eco Clarity Systemy Sprzątające
Szczecińska 41, 74-107 Radziszewo
TAX ID8581586594
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Eco Clarity Systemy Sprzątające
TAX ID8581586594
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Szczecińska 41, 74-107 Radziszewo

About us

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Buissness description

Eco Clarity offers a full range of cleaning services, as well as mowing and clearing grass. A full range of cleaning services including cleaning of shops, warehouses and shopping malls, shops, etc. Professional service of green areas, including mowing lawns and snow removal of parking lots with the use of specialized equipment. We invite you to cooperation.

Brands and specialties

cleaning company, cleaning services, cleaning offices, cleaning shops, cleaning houses, cleaning windows, mowing grass, mowing lawns, removing snow from snow, cleaning parking lots, cleaning galleries, cleaning flats, keeping green areas,

Products and services

Eco Clarity offers you a full range of services performed using high quality chemicals and professional equipment from reputable and proven companies. In the interest of the best effect and full customer satisfaction, we constantly invest in newer and more effective devices, guaranteeing the highest quality of services we provide. EcoClarity employees performing work commissioned by our clients are permanently employed in our company, have OSH training, personal identifiers and are dressed in aesthetic company clothes. Our employees are professionally prepared to face even the most difficult challenges related to maintaining cleanliness and conducting cleaning works. Eco Clarity offers a full range of cleaning services including cleaning of stores, warehouses and shopping malls. The offer addressed to stores and shopping malls concerns both permanent cooperation, including daily service and one-time cleaning works. As part of daily cleaning of commercial facilities, we perform such works as: cleaning floors, cleaning office, social and sanitary rooms, washing windows and façades, emptying and replacing trash bins, replenishing consumables and daily cleaning of places where dust accumulates excessively. We use specialist equipment from reputable companies to clean stores and shopping malls. We use professional cleaning machines that sweep, polish and polish floors as well as the highest quality chemicals and auxiliary materials. Eco Clarity's offer also includes professional greenery service, including lawn mowing. In winter, Eco Clarity offers professional snow removal from car parks with the use of specialized equipment.

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ul. Szczecińska 41, 74-107 Radziszewo





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ul. Szczecińska 41, 74-107 Radziszewo

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ul. Szczecińska 117, 74-107 Radziszewo



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Pkd codes

81.21.Z - General cleaning of buildings

13.91.Z - Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics

13.92.Z - Manufacture of made-up textile articles

13.93.Z - Manufacture of carpets and rugs

13.94.Z - Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting

13.95.Z - Manufacture of non-wovens and articles made from non-wovens, except apparel

13.96.Z - Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles

13.99.Z - Manufacture of other textiles notelsewhere classified

14.11.Z - Manufacture of leather clothes

14.12.Z - Manufacture of workwear

14.13.Z - Manufacture of other outerwear

14.14.Z - Manufacture of underwear

14.19.Z - Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories

25.61.Z - Treatment and coating of metals

33.11.Z - Repair and maintenance of fabricated metal products

33.12.Z - Repair and maintenance of machinery

33.13.Z - Repair and maintenance of electronic and optical equipment

33.14.Z - Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

33.17.Z - Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment

33.19.Z - Repair and maintenance of other equipment

43.33.Z - Floor and wall covering

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing

43.99.Z - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

47.19.Z - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores

47.51.Z - Retail sale of textiles in specialised stores

47.52.Z - Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialised stores

64.99.Z - Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding not elsewhere classified

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

81.22.Z - Specialised building and industrial cleaning activities

81.29.Z - Other cleaning activities

81.30.Z - Landscape service activities

95.29.Z - Repair of other personal and household goods

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