D.W.O. Daniel Wójcik
Stanisław Dolny 185A, 34-130 Stanisław Dolny
TAX ID6711540231
Phone+48 510 097 888
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D.W.O. Daniel Wójcik
TAX ID6711540231
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Stanisław Dolny 185A, 34-130 Stanisław Dolny

Phone number

+48 510 097 888

About us

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From the beginning of our existence, we care for the environment, that's why in our daily work we use machines that clean with steam. We deal with comprehensive cleaning and cleaning of public and industrial spaces using the steam method.

The main advantage of the company is the use of professional cleaning machines of well-known brands such as "OPTIMA", "SANTOEMMA" and "VERONA". To carry out the order, we use the latest generation of chemicals friendly to the environment and people. Our preparations have the required approvals and certificates.

All services are carried out at convenient times for the client without the necessity of excluding objects from traffic.

Why PARA ?!

Disinfects and disinfects - steam above 120 ° C destroys and eliminates microorganisms (including mites), even in hard to reach places.

Cleans - high temperature dissolves sediments, oils and fats.

Eliminates odors - the steam has odor neutralizing properties, which improves the comfort of work in the cleaned room.

Safe for electrical appliances - thanks to a low humidity of 5% - it can be used to clean electrical devices, sensors and electronic equipment without fear of short-circuits and their destruction.

It saves water - 2 hours of work with our device is only 1 liter of pollution.

Minimizes waste - A small amount of contaminants allows the use of this technology even in places where there is no sewage disposal plant.

Ecological and safe for people - Cleaning with steam does not require chemicals, so it does not cause allergies and allergies. It does not leave any residue on the cleaned surfaces.

We offer our services to small, medium and large companies, for whom the highest standard of cleanliness is a priority.


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The steam is a great tool for removing various types of industrial pollution. Steam machines are used in the electromechanical industry, in the chemical industry or in the food industry. The advantage of using steam devices for cleaning industrial spaces is a significant reduction of chemicals and water. The steam perfectly removes dirt and degreases cleaned surfaces, thus reducing the use of chemicals.

Steam machines allow you to carry out the cleaning process in places such as warehouses, sorting centers or logistics centers. Steam can be cleaned using storage surfaces, glazing, elevators, conveyors, steel structures, etc. During the cleaning process, no wastewater is generated.

Cleaning with the help of steam is perfect for many branches of the food industry. The contamination of food during processing and packaging can be effectively eliminated by using high temperature steam for steam cleaning processes. Its use eliminates all kinds of bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals and detergents.

Professional steam generators can be used in fish and meat processing plants, in bakeries and confectioneries, in dairies, slaughterhouses, in the beverage industry, in bottling plants and vineyards.

The steam devices can be used to clean production lines, floors, walls, work surfaces, machines, conveyors, extruders, air conditioning, heating, baking ovens and racks, refrigerators and coolers, ventilation hoods, etc.

  • The steam reaches places that are not available for conventional cleaning methods
  • The steam not only perfectly removes dirt but also degreases cleaned surfaces
  • The steam significantly reduces the consumption of water and chemicals in the cleaning process
  • The steam allows the cleaning process to be carried out without the production of large amounts of wastewater

On offer:

  • Removal of fat and grease residue from industrial machines
  • Removal of rust and heavy dirt from the surface of machines and engines
  • Disinfection of filters, ventilation grilles and air conditioners
  • Cleaning electric tables using very dry steam
  • Cleaning steel constructions, elevations, glazing and floors


Cleaning the rooms with the use of steam devices is a great method that allows you to efficiently carry out the cleaning process, ensuring a high level of cleanliness. Machines perfectly cope with the removal of various types of alergrnes and mites

On offer:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of mattresses, furniture, curtains and rugs
  • Killing dust mites found in the dust and removing allergens
  • Refreshing, disinfecting and removing odors from rooms
  • Washing carpets and hotel upholstery
  • Quick and easy vacuuming and cleaning of furniture, countertops and counters
  • Easy removal of dirt, such as chewing gum or candle wax

Steam washers are also suitable for hotel kitchens and catering outlets, allowing to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene at work. Thanks to the high temperature, the steam not only cleans, but also disinfects the surfaces, allowing for a significant reduction in the use of chemicals

On offer:

  • cleaning the track, service lines, waiters' positions - without the use of chemicals
  • Removal of baked fat from Teflon and stainless steel surfaces, oven door, grill covers
  • Decontamination of food preparation areas as protection against pollution, bacteria and viruses
  • Cleaning tiles and grouts in kitchen rooms
  • Polishing stainless steel surfaces without the use of expensive chemicals

Steam washers are also perfect for cleaning hotel bathrooms, ensuring a very high level of cleanliness and disinfection. They allow for thorough cleaning of joints, fittings, glass and mirrors as well as bathroom floors

On offer:

  • Cleaning, refreshing and disinfection with one device
  • Removal of accumulated stone on taps, taps and headphones
  • Easy cleaning of tiles, grouts, bathtubs, shower trays and doors
  • Easy cleaning and squeezing dirt from gaps and hard to reach places

The steam cleaning device is a great solution for spa cabinets, saunas, Turkish baths, swimming pools and massage salons. Thanks to the high temperature, the steam disinfects, removes bacteria, fungi and mold. Steam is perfect for cleaning surfaces and objects in humid environments

  • Cleaning and renovation of whirlpool tubs and shower bases
  • Easy cleaning of tiles and grouts
  • Easy cleaning and squeezing dirt from gaps and hard to reach places
  • The couple kills mold, fungus and other microbes
  • The vapor reduces the risk of spreading of gyros and bacteria that cause disease


The devices we work on are professional cleaning machines.

1. Steam Car Wash - a dry couple at 120 degrees and a pressure of 8 atmospheres reaches out of reach without damaging the varnish

2. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner cleans surfaces at the same time sucks water with dirt.

3. Foam extraction device - upholstery washing with very short drying time (up to 2 hours)

UPHOLSTERY WASH OF UPHOLSTERY with short drying time (up to 2 hours)

- Among others: armchairs, couches, linings, headliners, side panels, luggage compartment

- Removal of heavy dirt and stains from upholstery and plastics

- Comprehensive vacuuming of vehicles

- Refreshing car upholstery with hot dry water vapor under high pressure

- Plastic care with the application of dressing

- Washing the exterior car with hot dry steam with the application of a polishing agent or wax with polymers

- Safe engine cleaning with dry steam

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81.29.Z - Other cleaning activities

96.01.Z - Washing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur products


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