Usługi Budowłane
ul. Kolejowa 2B, 89-506 Żalno
TAX ID9671011484
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Usługi Budowłane
TAX ID9671011484
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ul. Kolejowa 2B, 89-506 Żalno

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ul. Kolejowa 2B, 89-506 Żalno





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41.20.Z - Building works related to erection of residential and non-residential buildings

43.11.Z - Demolition

43.12.Z - Site preparation

43.21.Z - Electrical installation

43.22.Z - Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation

43.29.Z - Other construction installation

43.31.Z - Plastering

43.32.Z - Joinery installation

43.33.Z - Floor and wall covering

43.34.Z - Painting and glazing

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing

43.91.Z - Roofing activities

43.99.Z - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

46.73.Z - Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

49.41.Z - Freight transport by road

52.21.Z - Service activities incidental to land transportation


4.1/ 5.0
Based on 14 reviews
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Tomasz 2022-07-03 20:03:42
the company knows how to construct elevations on a residential building. I am very pleased with everything neat and clean. they also did a plaster spray, everything covered with a plaster, secured and evenly located spray
Roman Blaszczyk 2022-03-29 05:17:42
A company worth recommending, they did the lamb showers. I recommend everything nicely covered, evenly located
Marta Pałubicka 2021-12-28 14:56:29
It was supposed to be fast and reliable, and it was exactly the opposite. Poor workmanship and a lot of wasted material. Despite the resignation from some of the commissioned works, the renovation completion date was not met anyway. I didn't even see the facade of the house despite the extension of the deadline for its completion. The owners do not appear at the appointments or cancel them shortly before the agreed time. Even invoices need to be checked, because they take company materials for them. I sincerely advise against working with this company.
Usługi BudowłaneJan 14, 2022
We partially admit the mistakes that have occurred. The company employed employees with experience, and it turned out that they lied to the company and put the company at risk. You know the company's address and have always been able to drive to the company. When it comes to invoices, yes, if the invoice is taken for the company, we have the right to buy what we want. The company has settled invoices to the penny. The Połbicki family when the company brought the materials, they didn't even pay for the fuel. they did not settle for the bathroom. Gypsum cardboard was to be placed according to the contract and, without our knowledge, they agreed with the employees that there should be mesh and mp75. And then they said the walls were crooked. But if it had been done according to the contract, everything would be fine. As for the deadline, the company delayed the completion due to changes by the P. They were able to comply with the work as agreed in the contract. I do not recommend doing repairs at these countries, they will expose you to losses. The company has paid for the costs of materials and defects. But the state still has not settled for the cost of transporting the material. I advise against working with Mr. and Mrs. P.
dagmara czekaj 2021-12-04 09:03:51
I am very pleased, the company was doing the façade shower, I recommend it very nicely
Anna Peplińska 2021-11-22 17:00:53
Hello. Finally, a real opinion issued by Ms Beata appeared. As you can see the rest of the positive ones are written with one hand and it was probably the hand of the owners. Unfortunately, I had the dubious pleasure that Dominex stood in my way. Renovations of bathrooms, not only that they lasted 4 months (not finished yet), I think that every layman would do it better. I also have photos of their works and I will be happy to share them with others interested in this company and the beautiful vision that the Lord has for potential victims. Really, let God protect you from employing this company. Waste of money, time and health.
Usługi BudowłaneNov 29, 2021
As for the lady writing such nonsense. Please write this because the reality is different and you know it perfectly well. And he does not issue the company himself. We also know that there is no end date on the contract. When it comes to the long renovation time, we know perfectly well that without consulting the company, you added robots, chydraulics and electricians. Because there was only to be a cable for a socket and a pipe, and the employees were reworking the entire electrical and chydraulike installations. Also, please do not see because we know very well that we would not do this for such a price, and now you would be very wronged, frankly speaking, you would be ashamed of these lies
Jolanta mazur 2021-09-09 20:00:33
Hello. Regarding bad opinions, what people write out of anger, I have known this company for a long time and I will not say a bad word. The more that their work is well done, investors think up a lot, although there is a lot of work on construction sites where deadlines can be extended because some works are not going to be accelerated. And as for the dominex company, I know that when they are not expected on a given day, they will inform you
Zenon marchwicki 2021-09-09 19:52:33
Hello, the company was doing a lamb spray on a residential building. I am very happy they did the job solidly and clean everything is beautifully taped, secured as it should be, I recommend the lamb shower and the dominex company that does really well
Pietrucha michal 2021-06-30 18:00:45
I recommend the company, they did the elevation for me, insulation of fudametes, insulation of the building, all right at the spirit level, accurate and solid, clean on the construction site, first of all cheap, despite the prices that are on the market I RECOMMEND.
Swiatek iga 2021-06-30 17:54:48
A solid company made tiles for me well, thoroughly and I recommend the company solidly
Radosławna lena 2021-06-30 17:38:02
I recommend the company they made umnie plasterboard walls exactly evenly, I really recommend this company they will advise you quickly and cheaply
Roman Przytarski 2021-06-28 14:01:57
A very good company, they made an elevation with spray plaster for me, we are satisfied despite the young team, reliable employees honest above all cheap and reliable
Marta Jaworska 2021-05-26 15:22:06
I recommend this company, they did a bathroom renovation for me, I am very pleased. First of all, I RECOMMEND well, reliably and cheaply
Michał kot 2021-05-25 16:27:21
I recommend this company very well, they do it reliably clean and accurately
Nie polecam 2022-06-07 09:12:45
Usługi BudowłaneJun 14, 2022
The company does not deal with the service with the materials. There was a mistake. I am asking for the removal of an unfair opinion
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