Centrum Szkolnictwa i Technologii Nowych Generacji - Cstng
ul. Żółkiewskiego 7B, 35-203 Rzeszów
TAX ID8133725806
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Centrum Szkolnictwa i Technologii Nowych Generacji - Cstng
TAX ID8133725806
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ul. Żółkiewskiego 7B, 35-203 Rzeszów

About us

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At CSTNG, we focus on development! What we do? We design, 'patent', prototype, advertise and innovate to educate! You come with an idea you leave with a company or a license. You come with a problem coming out with an innovative solution to your problem! DESIGN DESIGN:

technical designs, descriptions (instructions, procedures), technical drawings, technical documentation (especially machines, devices), engineering consultancy

Production department:

3D printing, production on CNC machines, printing and advertising gadgets

Department of Research on Innovation and Business:

Research on registration capacity, purity and patentability, competition analysis, technology, products, trademark monitoring, fees for renewing protection, consultancy with a patent attorney


creating 3D models, 3D graphics, 3D animations, 3D simulations, INNOVATIVE 2D graphics, INNOVATIVE 3D advertising, INNOVATIVE websites, marketing and business consulting Technical design + Patent Office Inicjator + Production and prototypes + Innovative marketing + Alternative University = CSTNG - Center for Education and New Generation Technologies

Thanks to the cooperation with experts from the Patent Office INICJATOR (with over 40 years of experience in the industrial and intellectual property law) we can provide you with high quality services and protection of your rights to the technical projects (machines, devices, INNOVATIONS) and marketing projects outsourced to us - especially the logo , graphics, logotypes)!

Our Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/cstng Visit the INITIATOR: http://inicjator.pl/ https://www.facebook.com/inicjator

Our TOP services:> SPT's strategic technical design < https://cstng.pl/projektowanie-techniczne-3d-w-systemach-cad/

> 3D printing, processing and painting printouts < https://cstng.pl/druk-3d-obrobka-i-malowanie-wydrukow-3d/

> Competition tracking and analysis < https://cstng.pl/sledzenie-i-analiza-konkurencji-monitorowanie-naruszu-ochrony-znakow-towarowych/

> INNOVATIVE marketing <- innovative 2D graphics https://cstng.pl/innowacyjna-grafika-2d/ - innovative 3D advertising https://cstng.pl/innowacyjna-reklama-3d/ - innovative websites https: // cstng. com / to create-and-innovative-administrownie-party-www /

Join the REVOLUTION in teaching> Alternative CSTNG University < https://cstng.pl/uczelnia-cstng/

!!! NEW PARTNER PROGRAM !!! We encourage you to spread the idea of ​​development! Become a GUARD of INNOVATION, set up MANDATES and collect profits! find out how: https://cstng.pl/straznicy-innowacji/

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Full name

Centrum Szkolnictwa i Technologii Nowych Generacji - CSTNG Dawid Pijanka


Correspondence address

Siedliska 447, 36-042 Siedliska





Legal form

sole proprietorship

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Register Address

Siedliska 447, 36-042 Siedliska

Addressing an additional place of business

ul. Hetmana Stanisława Żółkiewskiego 7B/2, 35-203 Rzeszów


Dawid Pijanka

Marriage Contract


Date of commencement of activity in CEIDG




Pkd codes

71.12.Z - Engineering activities and related technical consultancy

13.92.Z - Manufacture of made-up textile articles

13.94.Z - Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting

13.95.Z - Manufacture of non-wovens and articles made from non-wovens, except apparel

13.96.Z - Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles

13.99.Z - Manufacture of other textiles notelsewhere classified

14.13.Z - Manufacture of other outerwear

14.19.Z - Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories

16.10.Z - Sawmilling and planing of wood

16.21.Z - Manufacture of veneer sheets and wood-based panels

16.22.Z - Manufacture of assembled parquet floors

16.23.Z - Manufacture of other builders' carpentry and joinery

16.24.Z - Manufacture of wooden containers

16.29.Z - Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials

17.29.Z - Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard

22.19.Z - Manufacture of rubber items

22.22.Z - Manufacture of plastic packing goods

22.23.Z - Manufacture of builders’ ware of plastic

22.29.Z - Manufacture of other plastic products

25.11.Z - Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures

25.62.Z - Mechanical working of metal elements

25.99.Z - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products not elsewhere classified

43.31.Z - Plastering

43.32.Z - Joinery installation

43.33.Z - Floor and wall covering

43.34.Z - Painting and glazing

43.39.Z - Other building completion and finishing

46.14.Z - Agents involved in the sale of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft

46.18.Z - Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products

46.19.Z - Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

46.90.Z - Non-specialised wholesale trade

47.19.Z - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores

47.51.Z - Retail sale of textiles in specialised stores

47.74.Z - Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised stores

47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

62.01.Z - Computer programming activities

62.02.Z - Computer consultancy activities

62.09.Z - Other information technology and computer service activities

63.11.Z - Data processing, hosting and related activities

63.12.Z - Web portals

63.91.Z - News agency activities

63.99.Z - Other information service activities not elsewhere classified

70.22.Z - Business and other management consultancy activities

71.20.B - Other technical testing and analysis

72.19.Z - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

73.12.C - Intermediation in the sale of the place on advertising aims in electronic media (Internet)

74.10.Z - Specialised design activities

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

85.59.A - Teaching of foreign languages

85.59.B - Other out-of-school forms of education, not elsewhere classified

85.60.Z - Educational support activities

95.29.Z - Repair of other personal and household goods


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