Comel Telekomunikacja i Informatyka
ul. Szewska 11, 77-200 Miastko
TAX ID8421042980
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Comel Telekomunikacja i Informatyka
TAX ID8421042980
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ul. Szewska 11, 77-200 Miastko

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The main profile of our activity is the sale of CISCO network devices. Our trained team of traders and engineers responsible for technical support is at your disposal. We guarantee the lowest prices and the highest level of customer service.

The Comel company was founded in 1999.

At the beginning, until 2002, the company only dealt with the support of enterprises. In the following years, the company developed very rapidly in several directions, all of these development paths were guided by one goal - providing outsourcing for companies, allowing companies that we deal with to forget about teletechnology and IT, and focus on the core business. Today Comel has a team of twelve employees, all of them are experienced specialists in their field of activity in the company.

Five people in the company are closely related to part of our distribution and support activities within the used and new Cisco equipment. Our contacts at home and abroad allow us to achieve excellent prices.

Almost everything from stock, The value of our equipment in stock exceeds PLN 300,000, we usually have what you are looking for in stock.

Excellent warranty, every product we sell has at least 12 months warranty, service department stores reserves of popular products in case of defects, thanks to which for the majority of Cisco products and fiber optic components we are able to provide a guarantee with replacement within 24 hours . This is a huge advantage for ISP operators and companies who value their availability.

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SZEWSKA 11, 77-200 Miastko





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SZEWSKA 11, 77-200 Miastko

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Koszalińska 22, 77-200 Miastko



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47.91.Z - Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet

26.11.Z - Manufacture of electronic components

26.20.Z - Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

26.30.Z - Manufacture of(tele)communication equipment

27.12.Z - Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus

27.33.Z - Manufacture of installing equipment

27.90.Z - Manufacture of other electrical equipment

28.29.Z - Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery notelsewhere classified

28.99.Z - Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery notelsewhere classified

33.12.Z - Repair and maintenance of machinery

33.13.Z - Repair and maintenance of electronic and optical equipment

33.14.Z - Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

33.20.Z - Installation of industrial machinery and equipment and outfit

42.22.Z - Works related to construction of telecommunications and electricity lines

43.12.Z - Site preparation

43.21.Z - Electrical installation

43.29.Z - Other construction installation

43.99.Z - Other specialised construction activities not elsewhere classified

46.51.Z - Wholesale of computers, peripheral equipment and software

46.52.Z - Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts thereof

46.66.Z - Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment

47.41.Z - Retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialised stores

47.42.Z - Retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialised stores

47.78.Z - Other retail sale of new goods in specialised stores

47.79.Z - Retail sale of second-hand goods in specialised stores

47.99.Z - Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

58.19.Z - Other publishing activities

58.21.Z - Publishing of computer games

58.29.Z - Other software publishing

59.11.Z - Motion picture, video and television programme production activities

59.12.Z - Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities

59.14.Z - Motion picture projection activities

60.10.Z - Radio broadcasting

60.20.Z - Public and licence television programmes broadcasting

61.10.Z - Wired telecommunications activities

61.20.Z - Wireless telecommunications activities, excluding satellite telecommunications activities

61.30.Z - Satellite telecommunications activities

61.90.Z - Other telecommunications activities

62.01.Z - Computer programming activities

62.02.Z - Computer consultancy activities

62.03.Z - Computer facilities management activities

62.09.Z - Other information technology and computer service activities

63.11.Z - Data processing, hosting and related activities

63.12.Z - Web portals

63.99.Z - Other information service activities not elsewhere classified

66.19.Z - Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding

71.11.Z - Architectural activities

71.12.Z - Engineering activities and related technical consultancy

73.11.Z - Advertising agencies activities

74.10.Z - Specialised design activities

74.90.Z - Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

77.22.Z - Rental of video tapes and CDs, DVDs etc.

77.29.Z - Rental and leasing of other personal and household goods

77.33.Z - Rental and leasing of office machinery and equipment, including computers

77.39.Z - Rental and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods not elsewhere classified

78.30.Z - Other human resources provision

82.20.Z - Activities of call centres

85.59.B - Other out-of-school forms of education, not elsewhere classified

95.11.Z - Repair and maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment

95.12.Z - Repair and maintenance of (tele)communication equipment

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