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Przybyszewskiego 44, 93-126 Łódź


About us

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The "KIELSKI" company specializes in comprehensive vehicle service (starting from ongoing repairs, overhauls through component repairs, suspension repairs, engine repairs and parts sales).

We offer consulting services when buying a used car, we perform professional inspections before buying a car.

For the sake of our clients, we have partnered with suppliers of parts of renowned global companies that provide their products for the first assembly. We can also offer cheaper alternatives or services on parts provided by the customer.

The products we offer are of proven quality.

Experienced employees and high-quality workshop equipment is a guarantee of quality on our website.

Our staff are high-class specialists in the field of passenger car and delivery vehicle repairs. We have specialist technical knowledge regarding comprehensive repairs of all brands. Our service is an alternative proposition for car owners who after a warranty period can still be professionally serviced at significantly lower costs.

We offer attractive prices for spare parts and labor to our regular customers.

Workshop services

oil change with filter replacement of the air filter

replacement of the fuel filter replacement of the cabin filter

changing the brake fluid changing the coolant

oil change in manual gearbox oil change in the automatic transmission

replacement of spark plugs replacement of glow plugs

replacement of brake pads front replacement of brake pads back

replacement of brake discs + pads replacement of brake shoes

replacement of brake drums + jaws replacement of the brake cylinder

replacement of brake lines replacement of the master cylinder

replacement of hand brake cable adjustment of the handbrake

replacement of shock absorbers front replacement of rear shock absorbers

replacement of front springs replacement of rear springs

Replacing the steering rod Replacing the end of the tie rod

replacement of the stabilizer link replacement of the stabilizer bar rubber

Replacing the swingarm Replacing the swingarm pin

replacement of metal-rubber bushes replacing the front bearing

replacement of the rear bearing exchange of the internal joint

replacement of the outer joint replacement of the inner joint covers

replacement of external joints, replacement of the clutch

timing replacement replacement of the water pump

replacement of the V-belt replacement of the fuel pump

replacement of the lambda sensor replacement of the silencer

and many others...

Computer diagnostics of cars, vans and passenger cars

Thanks to modern equipment, the "KIELSKI" service provides fast and professional computer diagnostics of vehicles and their repair. We deal with:

  • erasing errors
  • current repairs
  • Electronics
  • Tinsmithing-varnishing
  • Vulcanization
  • Repair of injection systems

We guarantee extremely low prices !!

Price list

Repair and Regeneration costs

The table below shows the estimated costs of repairs and regeneration. The prices in the table are net prices for the service and do not include prices of materials. The given prices are not an offer within the meaning of the commercial code and may vary in the case of certain car models and brands.


Replacement of brake pads PLN 25

Replacement of brake fluid PLN 30

Replacement of brake discs and pads PLN 80

Oil and filter change 20 PLN

Replacement swing / regeneration PLN 60 / PLN 80

Replacement of shock absorbers and springs 40 - 80 PLN

Replacement of steering rods, rod ends, PLN 30

Wheel bearing replacement PLN 60

Replacement of steering gear 250 PLN

Replacement of the gasket under the motor head 300 PLN

Car service (periodic) with oil and filter replacement PLN 150

Timing replacement (depending on the model and engine type) 80 - 500 PLN

Replacement of a complete 150 - 500 PLN clutch

Regeneration of heads, steering gears, brake discs, fuel injections, power steering pumps, water pumps

To be agreed

General overhaul of engines or engine spacers

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Przybyszewskiego 44 Łódź 93-126

[email protected]

42 6833192

516 035 604, 505 175 711

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service provider

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ul. Stanisława Przybyszewskiego 44, 93-126 Łódź





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ul. Stanisława Przybyszewskiego 44, 93-126 Łódź

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45.20.Z - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles



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